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The cornerstone of every successful website is its blog. It’s a platform on which you can talk directly to everyone. Loyal customers. Complete newcomers. Those who might need a reason to stick around. And everyone else in between. 

Content writing
Content writing

Every blog post is an opportunity to:

Boost SEO - Target keywords that will allow your audience to find your website.

Attract New Visitors - Potential customers who discover your blog post and then explore your site.

Add Value - Give your audience a reason to return to your website other than to make a purchase.

Engage Your Audience - Demonstrate your expertise and provide education about your industry.

Make Sales - Explain why your latest product or service is something they can’t live without.



Outsource Blog Writing And Focus On Your Business

Website Copywriting and SEO

Regular blog posts are essential to online success – but the idea of creating dozens of 1000-word blog articles doesn’t fill most business owners with joy. We get it. Leave your blog in our hands, so yours are free to grow your business.

Brand Voice

We’ll learn about your business and discuss what style you’d like us to adopt when writing your blog. And it goes without saying that all content will be 100% original.

Article Templates

We’ll create Article Templates that cover the title, keywords, URL, key points and send them to you to greenlight – you can also add any points you want us to focus on before we assign it to the team.


As you can tell from our client list and case studies, we’ve worked across a wide variety of industries – we’re just as happy exploring new areas as we are writing about more familiar subjects.


We can source quality, copyright-free images for each article, or work with your own branded images.

Website Copywriting and SEO


Regular Quality Blog Posts Will Boost Your SEO

Google ranks your site based on the keywords that are targeted on the front and back-end. However, once you’ve perfected your site copy, you won’t want to update it very often…because it’s, well, perfect. 

A blog gives you a legitimate reason to insert long-tail keywords, e.g. ‘who’s the best online SEO agency?’, onto your site on a regular basis. It also gives you an opportunity to instantly promote new products, locations and services without changing the fundamental layout of your site. 

Check out our own blog and start counting how many long-tail keywords we get on there while providing our audience with useful tips on copywriting, social media strategy and SEO.

Meta Descriptions

This is the paragraph that tells Google what your article is about and what pops up on social media as a preview – it’s important to get right.

Keyword Strategy

We’ll discuss which areas, locations, products, etc. that you want to target and make sure we have plenty of long-tail keywords around these subjects.

Alt tags

You need to tell search engines what’s depicted in your images (they can’t see…yet).

Which Is Best For You?


This is best suited for businesses who want:

6 or more articles per month, uploaded and scheduled to your blog by our editor.

To discuss and/or greenlight our suggested titles every month in line with an overall content strategy.

This approach allows you to go essentially hands-free, leaving Pepperstorm to run your blog while you focus on running and growing your company.


While this is best if you’re after:

A select number of articles (10, 20, 30, etc.) created in one go.

The blogs to be uploaded by our team and saved for you to schedule at your discretion.

Once all of the blogs are live, you can get back in touch and we’ll create a new batch.

Additional Services

We provide Keyword Strategy, Website Copywriting, Blog Management & Social Media Management for those who want to supercharge their SEO and step back from the day-to-day management of their social & content production.

We also offer plenty of other copywriting, editing and proofreading services, including ebooks, Pricing Guides, Informative PDFs, and tween vampire novels*.

*No takers for this yet, but it’s our retirement plan.

SEO Audit

Our comprehensive SEO Audit service will fine-tune the back-end of your site and offer on-page optimisation tips so that search engines will know exactly who you are and what type of visitors should be sent your way.

Who’s it for?

You want to make sure that your new or existing site is set up correctly on the front and back-end while learning how to maintain excellent site health moving forward.

Learn more about our SEO Audit package.

Keyword Strategy, Competitor Analysis & SEO Implementation

We’ll assess your target market and conduct research using competitor analysis tools to identify the best long-tail keywords for your website. Once this is complete, we’ll lightly proofread and lightly edit your copy for grammar and flow, while naturally weaving SEO-targeted keywords into each page of your site.


Who’s it for?

You’re happy with your existing copy and brand tone but want to improve (or establish) the best keyword strategy for attracting your ideal audience.

Say hi and we’ll set up a chat to discuss the best keyword strategy for your business!


We’ll work closely with you to establish your ideal brand voice and create SEO-charged website copy that truly represents your business and your brand personality.

Who’s it for?

You’re looking to improve or completely rework your current copy (or you’re starting from scratch) so that it sounds more like you and has a higher chance of converting visitors into leads.

Learn more about our Website Copywriting service.

Social Media Management

Our team of social media specialists can take care of everything from content creation, caption writing, hashtag research posting & scheduling, community management to boosted posts and follower ad campaigns.

Who’s it for?

You want to build and maintain an active social presence, posting regular content that engages your audience and make sure all queries and comments are responded to quickly and in your brand tone.

Learn more about our Social Management packages.

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