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Most copywriters just do the copywriting. We do everything.  
Nicole & Dave Pepperstorm Team
Are you looking for…

Website copy that you're shout-from-the-rooftops proud of?

A keyword strategy that works as a honeypot to your ideal clients' bees?

That feeling when you can relax and say "Aaah, my site is healthy & SEO-ready"?

ALL uploading & technical stuff to be taken care of?

A brand voice that sounds like, well, you?

You get it all with Pepperstorm.

Attract perfect clients.

Talk to them in your ideal brand voice.

What’s included?

✨ Jam-packed with value ✨

Fresh Website Copy: Written until you’re happy ecstatic.

SEO Audit & Site Health Check: Let’s make your site work as hard as possible while you sleep.

Bespoke Keyword Strategy: Why have the perfect words if no one can find them?

Branding Session: Guarantee that you’re speaking in your ideal brand voice on every platform.

Thank you so much Dave and the team from Pepperstorm.

I had the Website Copywriting and SEO audit done and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome!

Pepperstorm were so easy to work with, prompt with their responses to any questions and completely nailed my brand voice.

Cannot recommend them enough and will definitely be working with them in the future!

Maddy Bell

Wedding Photographer, Australia

A few deets…

✨ Some important FAQs before we get into the fun stuff below ✨

💸 How much does it cost?

Your investment: $2995 USD

* Payment Plan Option: 50% up front, 50% on delivery once you are SUPER-PSYCHED with your site!

⏰ How long will it take?

In 8 weeks (max.) your site will be Copy & SEO-ready.

You’ll have fresh copy in your ideal brand voice across your entire site, a tailored keyword strategy and a full SEO Audit within 8 weeks* (normally a lot sooner).

⚡️ If you need it pronto, ask about our expedited service ⚡️

* Assuming we get your feedback within 5 days per revision!

✍️ Who will write my copy?

We don’t just have one voice…

🎶 We have a whole chorus 🎶

Our team of 10+ writers means that we can match the perfect writer for your tone.

No waiting around to fit into a freelancer’s schedule.

We’re ready to start when you are.

Tell me more, tell me more…

Dave & Lola Pepperstorm

Pepperstorm are one of the most professional and friendly companies I’ve ever worked with.

They not only captured my voice so well in writing, but also delivered such great content and collaborated with me until I was beyond satisfied with the results.

They are an absolute dream to work with and I will definitely be coming back as a returned customer for years to come! Go with Pepperstorm – you will not be disappointed!

They went above and beyond my expectations and I can’t recommend them enough!

Keri Tan

Wedding Photographer, New York

Let’s break it down…

Hit the tabs below to learn how the Pepperstorm team will polish up your site so bright that it outshines the sun ☀️

🎤 Brand voice copywriting...

The words on your website … they matter. A lot.

The right site copy will do most of your selling before your clients even get in touch.

Your website copy is an opportunity to:

🎙️ Tell the story of your brand in a voice that is true to your personality

🤩 Amp up your services and show off your skill set, testimonials & WINS

🫶 Explain what it’s like to work with you to attract the right type of clients (no timewasters or price shoppers)

You may have 1000s of competitors – but you only need one brand voice to set you apart from them all.

How do we capture your unique tone? Through calls, email convos, checking out your socials, and asking you what you like/love/want to change about your current copy. More deets in the Our Process section below 👇

🤩 Branding Session...

In a creative business, brand is EVERYTHING. It’s how your customers see you, talk about you and think about you.

Nicole has a decade of experience in helping brands to grow by optimising their marketing and defining their messaging. She will:

☎️ Jump on a deep dive call to tailor your brand to your business goals & services.

💬 Create brand guidelines for your online presence by defining your font, colour palettes and essential comms.

📣 Define how you describe yourself & your brand, your dream clientele, boilerplate messaging, etc.

📈 Identify your competition and highlight YOUR Unique Selling Points to ensure you stand out!

A consistent brand message across your website, socials, & newsletters means that your audience can fall in love with your brand before your first phone call.

🔑 Keyword Strategy...

So you’ve got the most beautiful website with the right words placed artfully throughout…

…SPOILER: it’s of zero use if no one can find it.

This is where the Pepperstorm team really separates ourselves form the pack of other copywriters. Well, that and our virtuosic penmanship, in-depth travel experience & extensive knowledge of Blink 182 deep cuts (that last one might just be Dave).

We’ve helped hundreds of creative business hit Page 1 of Google with these techniques:

🎯 Identify your target audience’s location(s), wants & needs

📋 Create a complete list of short-tail & long-tail keywords around this data

✍️ Place them organically throughout the copy

We’ll also deliver content & keyword ideas for your blog so that you can continually boost your SEO and cast THE WIDEST NET POSSIBLE to catch your ideal clients’ search terms 🎣

🛠️ SEO Audit & Site Health Check

The technical stuff. Making sure that your website gets in front of the MOST AMOUNT of the RIGHT KIND of viewers.

Here’s what we’ll do:

🔍 A full pre-launch audit to fix all SEO, links, meta descriptions, titles, headers, etc.

🌐 Send easy-to-follow instructions on how to set up everything Google needs to provide you with detailed analysis of your website traffic.

🔧 Complete a full post-launch SEO audit & set up any necessary redirects.

📝 Send over a comprehensive audit report with tips & advice on how to keep your site healthy moving forward.

Your site is now R-R-READY TO ROCK!

See below for a detailed explanation of the boring-but-very-necessary-if-you-want-clients-to-see-your-website bits 👇


Meta Descriptions
These tell search engines how to describe your site’s pages to viewers. All webpage meta descriptions will be optimised to get your brand message across while targeting the most relevant keyword or phrase.
SEO Title Tags
This is what people see first when they search for your site on Google. We’ll make sure that each SEO Title reflects your brand’s core message.
Part of our on-page optimisation ensures that you have the correct H2 Headings on your site pages.
Internal links
Website navigability is crucial to UX & SEO, so we’ll ensure that there are plenty of internal links throughout your site.
Recommended Content
We will suggest the type of content you should have across your site.
Custom 404 page
A custom 404 (error) page will be created in your brand tone, encouraging readers to revisit the homepage.

Explainer Docs

Set Up A Google Business Listing
We’ll provide easy-to-follow instructions to help you list your business address clearly and prominently on Google.
Set Up Google Analytics
We’ll provide easy-to-follow instructions to help you set up Google Analytics.
Set Up Google Search Console
We’ll provide easy-to-follow instructions to help you set up Google Search Console.
How To Add XML Sitemap
We’ll provide easy-to-follow instructions to help you add your XML Sitemap to Google to expedite the ranking process.


Set Up Redirects
We’ll set up redirects from your old site to your new one to ensure a smooth crossover and launch.
Broken Link Fix
Your entire site will be swept for broken links, which we’ll either fix or remove. We’ll highlight any that you may want to update, e.g. links that lead to an expired recommendation site.
Image files
We’ll offer guidance on how to optimise your file names and alt text as well as re-sizing possibilities.
Mobile-Friendly Check
We’ll check every webpage on your site to make sure it’s mobile-friendly. If we find one that isn’t, we’ll give you clear and easy directions on how to fix it.
Full SEO Audit Report
Telling you everything we’ve done and tips and advice on how to keep your site healthy moving forward.
SSL Certificate
Having an SSL-certified site is vital in gaining visitors’ trust. We’ll make sure that you have the ‘padlock’ next to your site’s URL or show you how to set it up for free.
Blog Ideas
We’ll provide a list of 6 blog ideas tailored to your brand.

Giving Pepperstorm this 5 star review will be the easiest task I do today… because wow! What can I say, but THANK YOU!

Nicole has been beautiful to converse with and the communication has been awesome. So much so, that there would always be a wee spring in my step every morning when I woke up because I knew there would be an exciting email from her (time difference thangs).

Nicole and her team absolutely nailed the brief — my style is quite niched so I wanted to be sure they understood that too, which they absolutely did.

Since Pepperstorm finished finessing my website, I embarrassingly admit I have “ooooh” and “aaahhh”ed over it more than 100 times—lol!!!

I am so damn proud of my new and improved website and that is all thanks to the Pepperstorm team, THANK YOU!!! Eilish bloody loves you xxx

Eilish Burt

Wedding Photographer, New Zealand

I’m ready! What happens next?

We’ve developed and refined Our Process over several years of working with hundreds of clients…

…wanna be next?


All you have to do is say hi and you’ll receive a friendly email from Nicole & Dave (hey!).

We’ll grab some info about where you’re at and where you want to be – so we know what you need to get there.

Nicole will hop on a quick call to map out the project and get a feel for your voice and business and answer any questions about our process.

We’ll audit your site and put a together full proposal based on what we’ve discussed, making sure we have the best package for your site.

Once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll send over the first invoice of 50% to secure your spot.

🎉 Then the party really kicks into Tequila-shot-and-jump-in-the-pool action 🎉


Nicole will be your contact* throughout this whole project, liaising between you and the editorial team.

* Or as many previous & current clients have described her, ‘my new BFF’.

She’ll set up the Branding Session at a time that suits you. Meanwhile, our SEO team will craft a Keyword Doc packed with the perfect keywords for your website (taken from info gained during our onboarding process and pro insights).

And then:

The famous Brand Voice Process! (The one you’ve read about in our testimonials.)

We’ll pick the most suitable writer from our team to create 3 x About Me paragraphs in distinct brand voices, e.g. 1) Romantic/Poetic/Ethereal, 2) Adventurous/Intrepid/Leader, 3) Funny/Cheeky/Best Friend.

We’ll share them in a Google Doc and you’ll give us feedback on your favourite parts.

If we’ve nailed it with one of them, awesome. More than likely, you’ll like elements from each and so we’ll keep re-editing until we get that perfect Brand Voice paragraph that truly represents you and your brand.

We’ll use this tone to complete your site copy!


We sketch out your site on a shared Google Doc where you’ll see the keywords, brand voice, and any extra nuggets of personal info taken from our conversations*

* Personal anecdotes, funny stories, your favourite words, phrases and quirky sayings = GOLD DUST that we can turn sprinkle throughout the copy to make it sound truly you 🌟

Once you give the go-ahead, our writer will craft your Home and About pages in your approved brand tone and ask for any feedback.

We’ll then write the remaining pages and send it over for your final greenlight. (Nothing goes live until you are punch-the-air happy with Every. Single. Word.)

Once you’re thrilled with the final draft, our editor will jump in, upload everything to your site and sprinkle over our SEO magic.

Dave will then send over a complete overview of what we’ve done, including How-To Guides on how to set up Google Analytics (so you can monitor your progress!), tips, feedback and advice on how to keep your site in good shape moving forward.

And shazam! You’ve got a perfectly written, highly visible website that talks to your ideal audience in your brand voice.

👟 🏆 Now go show it off like a pair of box-fresh sneakers on Homecoming 🏆 👟


And shazam! You’ve got a perfectly written, highly visible website that talks to your ideal audience in your brand voice.

👟 🏆 Now go show it off like a pair of box-fresh sneakers on Homecoming 🏆 👟


I wanna meet Nicole!

How Our Web Copy Wowed Kirstin!

I already had several attempts trying to outsource copywriting, the results never sounded like me, I was always disappointed – I thought I would never find anyone who would speak my tone.

Things changed when I met David from Pepperstorm. We had some conversations and I thought, I’ll try outsourcing copy once more. I am so glad I did!

The whole experience of working together was amazing from the beginning. The onboarding call with Dave and Nicole, the questionnaires they sent – that all gave me a good feeling that they really try and understand my brand tone.

From filling out the questionnaires I was eagerly waiting for the three tones they’d bring back to me.

And when they did – I was mind blown – they matched my tone pretty much straight away and communicated so well, like I never do with written words! With efficient google doc feedback loops it was a great process to find my brand voice. They wrote the whole copy of my ‘soon to launch’ wedding website, including vendor research.

When I reached out again – with a new request for a sales page for a retreat I was planning – they took off all the hard work of how to put the idea into words. Launching a new product is scary enough, having experts working on the copy took off a looot of stress.

As a creative arty person, it’s not my strength to sell at all. I was totally convinced of my retreat and the concept, but finding words to convince others – doesn’t come natural to me at all.

I am super happy with the result and I was so happy to share the new site to the world!

Kirstin Hauk

Wedding Photographer & Coach

Alternative Options

Anything you need, you’ve got it.

📈 I already love my copy - I only need the SEO part!

If it ain’t broke, don’t f*ck with it – as the saying (sort of) goes. Hit this link to see our SEO Audit service.

📏 My site is massive/tiny/I only need 1-2 pages rewritten - can you help?

We work with all shapes and sizes. No discrimination here. Say hi and we’ll tailor an offer today.

📝 I need blogs! Have I come to the right place?

Abso-freakin-lutely. Regular blog articles are THE BEST way to continually boost your SEO while delivering kickass content for your audience. Take a gander at our Blog Package services and see which one suits you best.

🛍️ I wanna SELL SELL SELL. Do you write Sales Pages?

We hear you. That stuff makes the world go round 💸 🌎 💸

Our Sales Copywriter (say yo to Joe!) takes care of the entire process, from conducting Sherlock-style investigations into your target audience to crafting uber-compelling copy along with the option of tailored email sequences depending on your stage of launch. Take a peek at our Sales Page Service to see how we’ll help you stack bills higher than your house.

🏷️ I need Pricing Guides created to go with my beautiful site. Can you help?
Hell to the Y-eeah! We can deliver this as part of a Website Copywriting project or as a standalone package. 

Whatever your copywriting needs, we’ve got you. Let us know how we can help.

💕 More Love From The Pepperstorm Family 💕

Right from the initial email David was so friendly and informative

I feel confident that my site has been improved drastically because of Pepperstorm and I am excited to continue my working relationship with them on future posts and updates.

Highly recommend!

Ashleigh Haase

Wedding Photographer & Coach, Melbourne & Yarra Valley

Dave & Pepperstorm were absolutely fantastic to work with!

They really took the time to understand our voice and brand and put together a beautiful set of copy for our website.

They explained each process which I really enjoyed.

Thanks so much guys! Looking forward to getting some blogs underway now!

Kieran Smith, Rexvil

Wedding Photographer, Adelaide

110% recommend Pepperstorm!

They were so easy to work with. Very professional and had nice quick communication. We started our website project back in October last year but when our busy wedding season hit we had to put our website copy on hold and didn’t finish it until July this year.

Pepperstorm were so great and didn’t mind us working through the drafts at our own pace.

Really appreciated that!

Now we can’t wait for them to write some blogs for us next. Thanks so much guys!

Bonita Stankiewicz, Joel & Bonita Photography

Wedding & Elopement Photographers, New Zealand

David, Nicole & the team were awesome to work with.

They have a wealth of knowledge about SEO and were able to do some awesome writing for my website.

They gave me some great advice and I feel that I’m now on the right track to getting more clicks on my website.

Taj Kempe

Wedding Photographer, SW Australia

The team at Pepperstorm completely re-did all of the copy & SEO on my website and I couldn’t be happier!

They also created a tag line for my brand that fits perfectly.

Working with Dave and Nicole was amazing from the first email, they were professional, prompt and had a lot of great ideas.

I am going to continue to work with them and I would highly recommend Pepperstorm!

Julie Dorge

Wedding Photographer, Quesnel

I felt so overwhelmed with launching a new website, but Pepperstorm helped me feel so confident in their amazing website copywriting and SEO audit.

They made it such a personalized experience and were so incredibly kind throughout the process.

Definitely going to continue to use all their other services with my business!

Thank you, Pepperstorm!

Corine Olarte

Creative Photographer, Charlotte, NC

David and the whole Pepperstorm team were just so nice and friendly to work with.

I really appreciated that they gave me consistent updates along the way and answered all of my many questions!

They gave me a brand voice that I not only feel very excited about but it just feels so ME – so they nailed it.

I look forward to watching my SEO improve and to working with them again in the future!

Anna Treimer, Wildly Connected

Wedding Photographer, Florida

Working with Pepperstorm is always a charm!

Very recently it was Nicole who followed me through the whole process, then more than a year ago with Dave and Melanie.

They make sure everything is clear to you, always offer you solutions until you are completely satisfied, they are patient, attentive and respond quickly to requests.

This is the second time already that I’ve hired them for my website copy, and I would do it every time again, but hey, I’m still going to wish myself not to have to update my site again in a year hehe

Thanks Pepperstorm, you are simply amazing!

Myriam Ménard

Luxury Wedding Photographer, Montreal

I’d like to feature in your next glowing testimonial…

Not our words...