SEO Supercharge

Why have a perfect website that no one can find?

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Are you looking for…

A keyword strategy that attracts your ideal clients to your site like 🐝s to 🍯

A full Site Health Check so you can sleep easy knowing it's in tip-top condition?

All of the necessary front & back-end SEO taken care of?

Keywords placed organically throughout your copy, so every page is working as hard as poss?

A comprehensive SEO report with tips on how to keep your site healthy?

You get it all with Pepperstorm.

Choose the right kind of clients.

Get them knocking on your door.

What’s included?

✨ Spillin’ over with value ✨

Bespoke Keyword Strategy: Tailored to your brand’s location, ideal audience and biz goals.

SEO Audit & Site Health Check: Let’s make your site work as hard as possible while you sleep.

Keyword Placement: Woven throughout your site copy so you barely notice them. (But Google will.)

SEO Report & Guides: A full breakdown of everything we’ve done PLUS guides on how to track progress & expedite your Google ranking.

Pepperstorm helped me with an SEO audit and improved my SEO so much!!

They helped weave my target keywords organically throughout my site that feels so natural.

They also went through all my blogs and optimized them and I am very excited to see how they perform!

If you are second guessing your SEO strategy or don’t know where to begin, hire Pepperstorm!

The time they saved me was worth the investment!

Lauren VanDame

Wedding Photographer, Colorado

A few deets…

✨ Some important FAQs before we get into the fun stuff below ✨

🤔 What is SEO?

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

SEO can be a scary concept for newcomers. However, the basic premise is simple:

📈 People use search engines to find information, services or products.

📈 The search engine (e.g. Google – yeah, there are others but who uses them?!) finds and ranks the most relevant webpages for a searcher’s query.

📈 SEO helps search engines notice your website and consider whether it contains the ‘most relevant’ answer (if it does, welcome to Page One! 🥇).

There’s obviously a bit more to it than this (see below 👇) – but in a nutshell, SEO is what tells search engines that you’re interesting & relevant…

…like a freakin’ pop star with a PhD amirite?!

💸 How much does it cost?

Your investment: $1345 USD

Then your site is set up for SEO success!

⏰ How long will it take?

10 Days (max.)

You’ll have a tailored keyword strategy and a full SEO Audit & Site Health Check delivered within 10 days of you greenlighting the keyword create.

⚡️ No waiting around to fit into a freelancer’s schedule. We’re ready to start when you are. ⚡️

✍️ Who will run the show?

Meet Nicole! 👋

Nicole is our Superhero* of a Project Manager and will be your point of contact.

She’ll take care of everything, including learning about your brand, target audience & biz goals and tailoring your keyword strategy accordingly.

* Not our words but the words of many, many previous clients 🦸‍♀️

🚀 When will I see results?

You’ve probably heard that SEO is a long game. Not always, which is why we need to start playing ASAP.

Google rewards quality & time.

The longer you’ve had properly placed keywords on an optimised, healthy site, the higher you’ll appear in the search results.

So while no SEO agency can give you an exact date on when you’ll rank for any individual keyword (this depends on the popularity & competition), we all agree that the sooner you fix your site, the better.

We’ll advise on a blend of popular (harder to rank for but necessary) short-tail keywords and more niche long-tail keywords (phrases that are easier to rank for quickly).

BONUS HACK: We provide a step-by-step guide to ask Google to scrape your site, which can expedite the whole keyword ranking process by weeks or even months.

Start today and you’ll be ahead of everyone who waits until tomorrow.

Tell me more, tell me more…

Dave & Lola Pepperstorm

I cannot thank the team at Pepperstorm enough!

They saw what I was struggling with, listened to what I was looking for and DELIVERED TENFOLD

I am so happy I found them & cannot wait to tell everyone about them. 

They helped me so much with my SEO on my website that I am seeing an increase in inquiries along with a higher ranking on google searches.

I cannot wait to work with them more in the future on my blog posts!

Thank you Pepperstorm

Brittany Ford

Wedding Photographer, New York

Let’s break it down…

Punch the tabs below to see how we place gasoline tanks under your site 🚀

🔑 Bespoke Keyword Strategy

So you’ve got the most beautiful website with the right words that represent your brand…

…SPOILER: it’s of zero use if no one can find it.

This is where the Pepperstorm team really separates ourselves from the pack of other copywriters. Well, that and our virtuosic penmanship, in-depth travel experience & extensive knowledge of Blink 182 deep cuts (that last one might just be Dave).

We’ve helped hundreds of creative business hit Page 1 of Google with these techniques:

🎯 Identify your target audience’s location(s), wants & needs

📋 Create a complete list of short-tail & long-tail keywords around this data

✍️ Place them organically throughout the copy

We’ll also deliver content & keyword ideas for your blog so that you can continually boost your SEO and cast THE WIDEST NET POSSIBLE to catch your ideal clients’ search terms 🎣

🛠️ SEO Audit & Site Health Check

The technical stuff. Making sure that your website gets in front of the MOST AMOUNT of the RIGHT KIND of viewers.

Here’s what we’ll do:

🔍 A full pre-launch audit to fix all SEO, links, meta descriptions, titles, headers, etc.

🔧 Complete a full post-launch SEO audit & set up any necessary redirects.

🌐 Send easy-to-follow instructions on how to set up everything Google needs to provide you with detailed analysis of your website traffic.

📝 Send over a comprehensive audit report with tips & advice on how to keep your site healthy moving forward.

Your site is now R-R-READY TO ROCK!

✍️ Keyword Placement

OK, so there’s an art to this. Gone are the Wild West days of the ‘CLICK BUY NOW’ early internet (and good riddance).

Keywords have to be placed organically and unobtrusively throughout your copy and stay in line with your brand and business – no crowbarring ‘best photographer SEO’ on every page!

Oh hello, Pepperstorm’s editorial team! 🫡

Our ninja-esque editors will make sure that your new short and long-tail keywords are placed elegantly amongst the copy wihtout disrupting any meaning or messaging – while being sure to keep any keywords that you are already ranking for.

📝 SEO Report & Guides

Your SEO Supercharge will be completed within 10 days – then we’ll send over a comprehensive yet easy to understand overview, including:

🔧 Screenshots from our Speed Check, Broken Link Checker & SSL tools

🔧 Screenshots from Google’s Accessibility, SEO, and Best Practices checker

🔧 A link to your new/edited custom 404 page

🔧 Advice on keeping your site healthy moving forward (image optimisation, blog articles etc.)

We’ll also provide super easy-to-follow Guides to show you how to:

🗺️ Submit Your Sitemap

📍Submit Your Google Business Address

🔎 Set Up Google Search Console

📊 Set Up Google Analytics

So that you can track your site’s traffic AND you can make Google scrape your site and start its ranking process immediately!

See below for a detailed explanation of the boring-but-very-necessary-if-you-want-clients-to-see-your-website bits 👇


Meta Descriptions
These tell search engines how to describe your site’s pages to viewers. All webpage meta descriptions will be optimised to get your brand message across while targeting the most relevant keyword or phrase.
SEO Title Tags
This is what people see first when they search for your site on Google. We’ll make sure that each SEO Title reflects your brand’s core message.
Part of our on-page optimisation ensures that you have the correct H2 Headings on your site pages.
Internal links
Website navigability is crucial to UX & SEO, so we’ll ensure that there are plenty of internal links throughout your site.
Recommended Content
We will suggest the type of content you should have across your site.
Custom 404 page
A custom 404 (error) page will be created in your brand tone, encouraging readers to revisit the homepage.

Explainer Docs

Set Up A Google Business Listing
We’ll provide easy-to-follow instructions to help you list your business address clearly and prominently on Google.
Set Up Google Analytics
We’ll provide easy-to-follow instructions to help you set up Google Analytics.
Set Up Google Search Console
We’ll provide easy-to-follow instructions to help you set up Google Search Console.
How To Add XML Sitemap
We’ll provide easy-to-follow instructions to help you add your XML Sitemap to Google to expedite the ranking process.


Set Up Redirects
We’ll set up redirects from your old site to your new one to ensure a smooth crossover and launch.
Broken Link Fix
Your entire site will be swept for broken links, which we’ll either fix or remove. We’ll highlight any that you may want to update, e.g. links that lead to an expired recommendation site.
Image files
We’ll offer guidance on how to optimise your file names and alt text as well as re-sizing possibilities.
Mobile-Friendly Check
We’ll check every webpage on your site to make sure it’s mobile-friendly. If we find one that isn’t, we’ll give you clear and easy directions on how to fix it.
Full SEO Audit Report
Telling you everything we’ve done and tips and advice on how to keep your site healthy moving forward.
SSL Certificate
Having an SSL-certified site is vital in gaining visitors’ trust. We’ll make sure that you have the ‘padlock’ next to your site’s URL or show you how to set it up for free.
Blog Ideas
We’ll provide a list of 6 blog ideas tailored to your brand.

I worked with Pepperstorm twice and it was THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! The first time they did the SEO Audit on my website.

Yes, it was pricey comparing to the first one I had made on my website (I had a bad experience with that one) but the work with Dave and his team was AMAZING and worth every penny I spent!!!

I got my SEO audit done after two weeks, I was informed about every step and got a report after that.

A year after I asked Dave’s team to do rebranding, writing new copy, another SEO Audit (only what was necessary as the SEO audit from the previous time is working perfectly sending my website to the first pages of Google search).

And I am amazed again! I knew what are the steps, what will be done next, all steps were discussed with me and I love the final product!

Bernadeta Kupiec

Wedding Photographer, Scotland

I’m ready! What happens next?

We’ve developed and refined Our Process over several years of working with hundreds of clients…

…wanna be next?


All you have to do is say hi and you’ll receive a friendly email from Nicole & Dave (hey!).

We’ll grab some info about where you’re at and where you want to be – so we know what you need to get there.

Nicole will either hop on a quick call to chat you through the process – OR, if you just want to get started straight away, she’ll send over a shared Keyword Doc and Client Brand Sheet that we’ll use to build your keyword strategy.

Once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll send over the invoice to secure your spot and grab contributor access to your site (we can show you how to grant secure access on any platform).

🥳 And now the fun begins… 🥳

NEXT PART: The Nitty Gritty 🛠️

We’ll review all of the info about your brand and zero in on your target market & audience location to build a comprehensive keyword list that will attract your ideal clientele.

Nicole will send it over for approval…

🚀 Then you just sit back and wait 10 days while we supercharge your site! 🚀

LAST PART: The Handover 💪

Once our team has worked its magic (spoiler: it’s not magic – just a lot of tricky & technical work!), Dave will send over a complete overview of what we’ve done, including How-To Guides on how to set up Google Analytics (so you can monitor your progress!), tips, feedback and advice on how to keep your site in good shape moving forward.

💥 BOOM! Your site is now SEO-ready and set up for your perfect clients to come find ya! 💥


Your site is now a magnet that will help you to close those pop-up-open-the-Champagne-and-scream-YAAAASSS!!! type of clients.

🗣️ 🎉 Now go buy the neighbours some earplugs. 🗣️ 🎉 

I’m ready for my SEO Supercharge!

How Our SEO Supercharge Wowed Lorelei!

Huge shoutout to Pepperstorm for helping me get the ball rolling on my SEO!

I am a hands on, do it yourself sort of business owner so handing the reigns to someone else was a bit intimidating for me.

However, the whole team made things super smooth!

I specifically have worked with Nicole and she is THE BEST.

She’s always available to answer questions or explain exactly what is happening so I have always felt involved.

I’m so glad I made the decision to work with Pepperstorm!

Lorelei Brand

Adventure Elopement Photographer, North Carolina

Additional Options

✍️ I need my copy fixed too! Do you offer this service?

Oooh, just a bit! Our most popular service is Website Copywriting & SEO Supercharge, in which we’ll capture your brand voice and write, edit & upload site copy that speaks to your ideal client in a voice that sounds like, well, you. Hit this link to learn about our Website Copywriting service.

➡️ I'm switching platforms and wanna keep my SEO intact - do you offer site migration?

Great call 🙌

Switching platforms can negatively affect SEO if it isn’t done properly. Our Site Migration service is perfect for those who don’t want to risk doing it themselves.

And if you’ve already transferred your site platform and want to make sure that everything is set up correctly then our SEO Check service is tailor-made for you.

Say hi today with a link to your site and we’ll send over a quote!

📝 I need blogs! Have I come to the right place?

Abso-freakin-lutely. Regular blog articles are THE BEST way to continually boost your SEO while delivering kickass content for your audience. Take a gander at our Blog Package services and see which one suits you best.

📝 I have a ton of pics on my site - do you offer an image optimisation service?

Yes, yes and YES. If you’re a photographer (or another biz that requires you to have a bunch of images on your site) then optimising your images – shrinking the file size while retaining quality, SEO-ing the file names, etc. – is essential for site speed. It’s also reeeeally fiddly and takes ages. So let us take it off your plate. More deets over on our Image Optimisation page.

🛍️ I wanna SELL SELL SELL. Do you write Sales Pages?

We hear you. That stuff makes the world go round 💸 🌎 💸

Our Sales Copywriter (say yo to Joe!) takes care of the entire process, from conducting Sherlock-style investigations into your target audience to crafting uber-compelling copy along with the option of tailored email sequences depending on your stage of launch. Take a peek at our Sales Page Service to see how we’ll help you stack bills higher than your house.

🏷️ I need Pricing Guides created to go with my beautiful site. Can you help?
Hell to the Y-eeah! We can deliver this as part of a Website Copywriting project or as a standalone package. 

Whatever your copywriting/SEO needs, we’ve got you. Let us know how we can help.

💕 More Love From The Pepperstorm Family 💕

Working with Pepperstorm has been awesome.

I hired some SEO “specialists” in the past and had a terrible experience. I was really concerned about trying again and yet the moment I spoke to Pepperstorm I felt understood and in safe hands.

They worked with me to make sure that everything was in my voice and reflected my values.

I highly recommend them and in fact have already referred them to colleagues.

I will continue to work with them as my company grows and I am so thankful Jai Long referred me to Pepperstorm.

Thank you, it was truly a pleasure working with you!

Linka Odom

Wedding Photographer, New Orleans


I am blown away by Pepperstorm’s incredible customer service, in-depth knowledge, and constant commitment to my success.

I’ve hired them for rolling blogs as well as migrating SEO & data from my old website to my new one on a different platform.

My account manager (huge shout out to Nicole) is so quick to respond, is always helpful, and gladly responds to one-off questions.

I literally don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found Pepperstorm.

If you’re on the fence about hiring them, go for it!

I can promise you that it will be well worth every investment!

Jessica Erin Wenzel

Wedding Photographer, Virginia

I felt so overwhelmed with launching a new website, but Pepperstorm helped me feel so confident in their amazing website copywriting and SEO audit.

They made it such a personalized experience and were so incredibly kind throughout the process.

Definitely going to continue to use all their other services with my business!

Thank you, Pepperstorm!

Corine Olarte

Creative Photographer, Charlotte, NC

I’d like to feature in your next glowing testimonial…

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