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My name’s Dave and I run a copywriting and SEO agency that has a weird name and a unique ability with words.

I first met Jai when I was travelling through Australia in 2017 and quickly bonded over a love of creative business, card games and vegan food.

Pepperstorm began creating content for several of his companies, including Free The Bird and Make Your Break. Jai recommended our services to his friends…then his business partners…and then to his podcast audience & business map students!

We’ve now worked with hundreds of photographers, wedding vendors and creative business owners – so many that we’ve tailored a set of services specifically for this industry!

Jai Long - Make Your Break

Website Copywriting & SEO Audit

Are you looking for:

– Increased visibility on Google?
– More visitors converting into leads?
– Your website copy to sound more like, well, you?

We’re here to help 😊

Our SEO Audit checks and fixes the back-end of your site to make it as easy as possible for your ideal clients to find you online…

….while our Website Copywriting & Editing services provide copy that is a dynamic, engaging and persuasive representation of your brand.


Once your site copy is perfect, you won’t want to change it very often.

So how can you regularly place location-based ‘hire a wedding photographer in Melbourne’-type keywords on your site?

Answer? Your blog.

– Share valuable content with your audience that positions you as an industry authority while enhancing your SEO and attracting new audiences who are searching for exactly what you’re posting.

– We’ve tailored a range of bespoke blog packages to suit different types of photographers and vendors, with all posts written by our team of specialist photography writers.

– We take care of the whole blog process, from keyword research and SEO strategy to editing and uploading. This leaves you as hands-free as you want to be.

And once you’ve got great content, you’re going to want to shout about it! That’s why every blog package contains social media captions so you can share articles directly with your audience in seconds.

Outsource Blog Management

Why choose us?

You want to spend your days doing what you do best – running and growing your business. Our outsourcing service lets you do exactly that.


Your website copy is the ideal opportunity to:

· Tell the story of your brand.

· Create a connection that encourages visitors to get in touch.

· Let future clients know what to expect/get excited about when they work with you!

Our SEO Audit packages provide a range of options for Editing & Copywriting to ensure that your site’s copy is the ideal representation of your brand…

…while our Blog Packages create valuable, SEO-charged content that informs, entertains and engages your audience while boosting your search engine ranking.


Good SEO creates a solid foundation for the growth of your business…

…it also ensures that your awesome content will actually be seen by an audience.

All of our Website Copywriting packages include a comprehensive SEO Audit that will fine-tune the back-end of your site.

We’ll build on that SEO foundation with regular, quality blog articles that contain targeted long-tail keywords to improve your online visibility.

Search engines will know exactly who you are and what type of visitors should be sent your way.

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