Welcome to PepperStorm!

We’re honoured that Jai Long has chosen to recommend our Content & Social agency to his Make Your Break audience.

We’ve been working with Jai for several years now and have a tremendous amount of respect for the way that he handles his businesses. He trusts us to:

  • Create blogs for his Free The Bird wedding photography business
  • Write show notes for his Make Your Break podcast
  • Edit his eBooks and website landing pages
  • Manage his Search Engine Optimisation

…and basically anything else he needs regarding content and copywriting. We love working with Jai and his team, mainly due to his dynamic, sky’s-the-limit approach to business (and life!).



So, what exactly does PepperStorm offer?


Jai understands that a business’s website is its shop window, so the owner needs to make it look as attractive and welcoming as possible. But what does this mean?


Content – Well, the starting point is dynamic, engaging copy that will turn visitors into customers. With the right site content, you can make an excellent first impression before your clients even pick up the phone.

PepperStorm will edit your website’s copy so that it sparkles, engages and informs your audience in your preferred brand voice.


SEO – The next step is getting on top of your Search Engine Optimisation. This is what makes your site show up in Google searches, which is how most people discover independent businesses, so it’s essential to get right. Don’t worry if you don’t know much (or anything!) about SEO – that’s why we’re here to help.

PepperStorm will give your website an SEO Audit to ensure that you’re targeting the right keywords and showing up in searches specific to your location and services.


Blogs – Once we have perfected your site content and SEO, it’s time for blogs. Posting regular, top-quality content on your blog gives you the ideal platform on which to engage, entertain and inform your audience about your business as well as consistently improve your SEO.

PepperStorm will create, upload and schedule articles to your blog, either as a one-off batch or every month on a rolling basis.



Why do you need this?


As you’ve got this far, you probably already know how important it is to improve your online presence. However, running your own business fills up your days (we know, we do it ourselves!) and it can be hard to find the time and energy to explore this unfamiliar territory.

That’s why PepperStorm offers entrepreneurs the chance to outsource all of the time-consuming and technical tasks so that you can focus on what you want to do – build your business and enjoy your life.


Because we’re confident that Jai will be sending over the type of clients that we love to work with, we’re happy to give you $100 off your first service with PepperStorm – just mention Jai or MAKEYOURBREAK in the email.

We’re looking forward to helping you take your business to the next level, so get in touch by sending us an email at david@pepperstormmedia.com or filling in the contact form below and we can arrange a call at a time that suits you.


Dave, Mel & the PSM team

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