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Pepperstorm began offering copywriting for photographers back in 2019 and quickly discovered that this is the industry for us!

Our team’s love of travel, adventure and beautiful aesthetics means that working with passionate creatives who shoot all over the world is a dream come true.

Copywriting For Photogrpahers
Cut to the present day and we’ve now worked with hundreds of photographers, wedding vendors and creative business owners and achieved incredible results for them – so much so that we’ve tailored a set of services specifically for this industry…👇


We’ve built a team of experts who offer everything from copywriting for destination photographers, social media management for wedding vendors, SEO for wedding photographers…essentially helping any photographer or wedding vendor who wants to show up for their clients in the best possible way.

If you’re interested in any service that isn’t listed below, just shoot us an email and we’ll see if we can tailor a bespoke package just for you 🙌

Website Copywriting & SEO Audit For Photographers

Attract perfect clients and talk to them in your ideal brand voice.

We’ll capture your perfect brand tone and use it to create site content that speaks directly to your target audience. Our UX & SEO specialists will also deliver a comprehensive SEO Audit to ensure your site is as visible as possible for all future clients. Hit the ‘Learn More’ button for more information or check out this info deck.

We’ll create a custom quote for your site depending on what type of copywriting & editing you need – here’s our example pricing for a Website Copywriting & SEO Audit for photographers.

Blog Writing For Photographers

Once your site copy is perfect, you won’t want to change it very often.

So how can you regularly place location-based ‘hire a wedding photographer in Melbourne’-type keywords on your site?

Answer? Your blog.

We’ve tailored a range of bespoke article styles to suit different types of photographers and vendors, with all posts written by our team of specialist photography writers.

* We have two options for blogs, depending on whether you want regular articles or a one-off batch – more info below👇

Outsource Photography Blog Packages
Rolling Monthly Blogs

Supercharge your SEO while posting engaging and informative content on a regular basis. This is the best way to create passive leads via SEO; our team runs the whole show, freeing up the time you were going to spend on content creation so that you can grow your business.

Check out the link below for more info and a case study with 1st page results.

Photographer & Wedding Vendor Blog Packages

Boost your SEO by targeting specific long-tail keywords while providing valuable content to your audience. We take care of everything from keyword strategy & title suggestions to writing, editing & uploading each article.

All details including pricing and suggested packages can be found here.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management For Photographers

Spend less time on your phone and more time on your business.

We offer tailored social management packages for photographers & wedding vendors to help run your accounts, schedule posts and communicate with your audience in your desired brand voice.

Google & Meta ad management

Ad Strategy For Photographers

Boost followers, leads & conversions via targeted ads.

Our Google & Meta ad experts will create online ad campaigns that target your ideal audience and generate quality leads at a competitive Cost Per Click.


Landing Page Copywriting For Photographers

Convert more leads into clients.

Our UX, SEO & Editorial team will create a bespoke landing page tailored around your specific service/offer/product that’s full of dynamic, SEO-charged copy to convert your leads into clients.

Landing Page Copywriting Service

Content Refresh For Photographers

Polish up your dusty blogs so they shine like diamonds.

Our SEO editors will breathe new life into your existing content and make sure that they are fully optimised to grab Google’s attention.


Blog Content Refresh Service
Image Optimisation Service

Image Optimisation For Photographers

Let’s get your pictures to work a little harder.

Give yourself an SEO edge over your competitors by ensuring that all of your images are fully optimised for size, loading speed and searchability.

Site Migration Service

Photography Site Migration

Make sure your hard-earned SEO stays intact when you switch site platforms.

Our SEO team will take care of all of the necessary copy and keyword transfers as well as setting up redirects to make sure search engines don’t direct users to a dreaded 404 page.


Ready to begin?

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Why choose us?

You want to spend your days doing what you do best – running and growing your business. Our outsourcing service lets you do exactly that.

Your website copy is the ideal opportunity to:

· Tell the story of your brand.

· Create a connection that encourages visitors to get in touch.

· Let future clients know what to expect/get excited about when they work with you!

Our SEO Audit packages provide a range of options for Editing & Copywriting to ensure that your site’s copy is the ideal representation of your brand…

…while our Blog Packages create valuable, SEO-charged content that informs, entertains and engages your audience while boosting your search engine ranking.


Good SEO creates a solid foundation for the growth of your business…

…it also ensures that your awesome content will actually be seen by an audience.

All of our Website Copywriting packages include a comprehensive SEO Audit that will fine-tune the back-end of your site.

We’ll build on that SEO foundation with regular, quality blog articles that contain targeted long-tail keywords to improve your online visibility.

Search engines will know exactly who you are and what type of visitors should be sent your way.





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