Ashleigh Haase

Ashleigh is a leading Melbourne wedding photographer who came to Pepperstorm for help in capturing her ideal brand voice and improving her site’s SEO.


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Website Copywriting
Content Optimisation
SEO Audit


Rank Higher On Google

Ashleigh wanted to appear on the first page on Google for location-based search terms.

Create A Perfect Brand Voice

She has a bubbly and enthusiastic energy that she wanted to convey in a brand tone that would also convert more visitors into customers.

Fix The Back-End Of Her Site

She wanted to ensure that the back-end of her site was healthy and optimised.




We studied Ashleigh’s business, services and audience location to create a list of keywords to target that would attract her ideal clientele.


We experimented with different styles to find the perfect tone that conveys her personality and sells her brand (without being too ‘sales-ey’!).


Our SEO Audit ensured that the back-end of Ashleigh’s site was in tip-top condition while telling Google which keywords she should be ranking for.


We gave Ashleigh a detailed overview on SEO best practices to keep her site healthy, optimised and continuing to rank for her chosen keywords.

ashleigh Hasse

Ashleigh Haase

“I was recommended Pepperstorm from a friend in the industry and I can honestly say the team did not disappoint. Right from the initial email David was so friendly and informative. Nothing was too hard, and they confidently answered all my questions. We worked together to find the perfect voice that was original and perfectly me. My whole site has had the copy revamped, an SEO audit, keywords and advice on where to go from here. I feel confident that my site has been improved drastically because of PepperStorm and I am excited to continue my working relationship with them on future posts and updates. Highly recommend!”

Wedding Photographer
Ashleigh Haase 👉


Engaging copy turns visitors into customers.

The right website content will make an excellent first impression before your clients have even got in touch.

Search Engine Optimisation is what makes your site show up on Google, so it’s essential to get right.

It’s OK if you don’t know much (or anything!) about SEO – we’re here to help.

Entertain and inform your audience with regular blog content that improves your site’s SEO.

Keyword strategy, research, editing, uploading…we take care of everything.