Braemar is a publicly-traded shipbroking company who engaged leading brand London-based brand agency ShopTalk for a total rebrand of their online presence.

ShopTalk brought PepperStorm onboard to complete the entire copy and SEO across their new 30+ page website.


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Brand Voice



Website Copywriting
SEO Audit
Brand Writing


Dynamic, Personable Brand Voice

ShopTalk wanted Braemar to stand out from its competitors, focusing on a purpose-driven, human-centric experience that placed the company at the forefront of the shipbroking industry’s digital future.

Highlight Unique Aspects Of The Company

They wanted to highlight their forward-thinking approach to climate change as well as their commitment to EPSG and cleaner shipping alternatives.

Improve SEO

They wanted the website to be searchable and rank for relevant industry-based keywords while not confusing the front-end copy.

Braemar ESG Complicance Page




We went through several revisions of example tones in order to achieve a confident and accessible brand tone to use across the website.


We conducted heavy research along with interviews with experts in order to fully understand a complex and unfamiliar industry.


We uploaded all of the copy to the new website and performed a full SEO Audit that targeted all of their chosen keywords and meta descriptions.


We also wrote biographies for board members and selected employees that Braemar displayed across their site and used for recruitment purposes.

ShopTalk logo

Ellie Bissett & Stephen Mangham

When you’re working with a complex brand on a project with lots of moving parts, you need to work with people who can pick up an understanding of the brand quickly, who ask questions and aren’t afraid to get stuck in, and that’s exactly what Pepperstorm gave us. Mel & Dave were extremely helpful and reliable throughout the course of the project, and weren’t only communicating with us at ShopTalk, but also our client at Braemar too. He said, ‘We had to create content from scratch. We relied heavily on Pepperstorm to develop a compelling narrative for our audience which was easy to digest. They were a pleasure to work with – flexible, constructive and responsive.’ Couldn’t recommend them enough!

ShopTalk Junior Account Director & Braemar Branding Consultant
Braemar 👉


Engaging copy turns visitors into customers.

The right website content will make an excellent first impression before your clients have even got in touch.

Search Engine Optimisation is what makes your site show up on Google, so it’s essential to get right.

It’s OK if you don’t know much (or anything!) about SEO – we’re here to help.

Entertain and inform your audience with regular blog content that improves your site’s SEO.

Keyword strategy, research, editing, uploading…we take care of everything.