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Jodie came to PepperStorm for help with boosting her site’s SEO, attracting the right kinds of clients (through a brand voice that truly represents her personality) and positioning her as a trusted and established photographer in Perth, WA.


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Honest Voice

Jodie wanted to capture a brand voice that truly reflected her personality.

Get Discovered

Jodie wanted to boost her online visibility and start ranking for search terms around Perth, WA.

Establish Her Brand

She wanted to lean into the fact that she had been shooting in and around Perth for 12+ years and promote that experience to her clientele.

Merge Photography SEO results




We worked with Jodie to sprinkle personal anecdotes and idiosyncrasies throughout her copy to make it sound like who she is in real life.


We defined her target audience and researched the type of keywords that they search for, implementing them into her SEO strategy.


We drew on Jodie’s expertise and in-depth knowledge of Perth to create website copy and blog articles that displayed her experience.


Several of Jodie’s blogs now ranking as the first result on Page One of Google for a broad range of their location-based keywords.

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Thank you so much again for all your hard work, look forward to working with you guys again for some more posts a little down the track! FYI – The work that you guys have done to my site (SEO audit and published blog posts) has already pushed my google ranking way up for certain key phrases so I’m thrilled! Thanks!

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Engaging copy turns visitors into customers.

The right website content will make an excellent first impression before your clients have even got in touch.

Search Engine Optimisation is what makes your site show up on Google, so it’s essential to get right.

It’s OK if you don’t know much (or anything!) about SEO – we’re here to help.

Entertain and inform your audience with regular blog content that improves your site’s SEO.

Keyword strategy, research, editing, uploading…we take care of everything.