SEO Trends In 2023

SEO Trends, Changes & Predictions In 2023

by | Mar 7, 2023

When it comes to SEO and content marketing, changes and updates in this field happen so fast that you get whiplash! In 2023, strategists are basically shouting at us all to bring our best SEO game. All of the SEO trends in 2023 centre around using content to attract new customers and drive business. This should always be on your radar and an essential part of your SEO strategy. 

Look alive, people! Let’s stay on our toes, pour another cup of coffee (or something stronger, we won’t judge), and dive into just a few of the SEO trends to come in 2023…

What Are The Digital Content Trends For 2023?

Content With Purpose And Empathy

Business owners are being urged, more than ever, to write for their customers and not for Google (Ditto! Yes! What we’ve been saying all along!). Start by talking with your customers – be genuine, relate with them, and build a connection. You’re a real person behind your brand, after all. That’s what customers want to see. That connection you build will then drive conversions.


SEO trends in 2023 focus on attracting new customers by building meaningful connections. (Image by Fabian Gieske on Unsplash).

Strategic SEO

It’s also just as important to get your information across persuasively and engagingly, rather than obsess about what Google wants from you. There is no flawless formula to writing content that will magically land you in the #1 search result.

So what’s the takeaway here? Do the work (or, if you prefer, let us do the work for you), aim for quality over quantity, use strategic keywords, and allow your authentic copy to do the talking and selling. Google will thank you, as will your ever-expanding client lead funnel.

Short-Form Video, Long-Form Content

Looking ahead to 2023, predicted trends include short-form videos to attract and engage audiences – short and punchy always wins! – as seen with the success of TikTok influencers (15-30 seconds is key).  

Blogs and other long-form content will remain an SEO focus in 2023 as well, so don’t count that out. Cornerstone content should be the backbone of your SEO strategy (that’s kind of our thing – hit us up). This should be the foundation of your website with your core information front and centre, full of lovely backlinks and niche keywords.


Your SEO strategy should include cornerstone content. Image by Rodrigo Curi on Unsplash.

Will 2023 Be The Year Of AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – and no, we’re not talking aliens here 👽 – is another area of tech with exponential growth potential in 2023. Generative AI is basically any AI software that generates all sorts of content, audio and images at scale – pretty powerful for marketing, copywriting and content creation! 

However, even the most bullish experts say that it’ll be unlikely for AI to write entire blog posts or website content from scratch perfectly, and humans will still be integral in creating personalised content around specific brand tones. AI will continue to be used for research primarily (think keywords, title tags, meta descriptions and short-form ad copy), and won’t replace the need for human intelligence. Cheers to not losing our shirts to robots! 

All jokes aside, we embrace any and all software that helps our clients achieve their goals and drive business, and we’re excited to work alongside AI in the future. Beam me up, Scotty!

There it is! A look at the year ahead for SEO trends, copywriting and content marketing. If you want to up your SEO game and make this YOUR year to get new customers and drive your business forward, give us a shout.

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