Each and every interaction with the Pepperstorm tribe has been bloody brilliant. Right from the start they knew all the right questions that powered my thinking in the right direction, sending my journey collaborating with them on all new copy for my website down an exciting path! 

Despite being on the other side of the world, I knew I was always going to wake up in the morning to find answers to my questions from the day before which was so great! 

When I got the work back from them, they had very clearly captured who I am and had me laughing out loud at a lot of the great lines they had written. 

Dave has also sent through great concise and easily actionable tips on the SEO side of things as well that I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in to. 

The experience has been so good that I’ve now got them helping me write all new blog post copy for me! Can’t wait to see what we can come up with together next!


Alex Szczesniak

Time With Alex | Wedding Photographer | Adelaide, Australia