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Why Your Blog Posts Need Both Quality And Quantity

by | May 11, 2017

The debate over which is more important for a successful website – quality or quantity – is an argument that’s existed since the inception of online blogs. Starting a blog can raise many questions, especially if you want your writing to reach as many eyes as possible. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Pros and cons surround both and they work hand-in-hand with one another, with both being vital for a successful blog.

Question a blog writer on the matter of quality vs. quantity, and chances are they’ll say quality every time. While not absolute, this is an opinion not without merit. Holding your own work to a high standard is a sure-fire way in which to get a reader to consume your blog posts to the very last letter.

If your readers are impressed by your work then they’ll stick around and are likely to share your writing to boot. People engage more easily with a blog post if it’s clear that the writer is passionate about the matter at hand. Quality comes in many forms, from well-researched, thought-provoking information, to injecting your work with a flair of personality. It’s not just what, but how you write.

Quality blog writing will engage an audience, and engagement leads to growth. If an audience connect with your work, it’s highly likely that it’s due to the style in which you present it. If you’re consistent with your quality, that consistency will also be found within your readers; attracting loyal readership who will take time out of their day to read each blog post you upload.

Blog writing

A long, quality blog post is going to beat off any competition every time.

Engaged subscribers to your blog will be your greatest asset in growing your audience. Quality drives subscriptions, and for each person who subscribes comes another potential tool for free social promotion. Everyone is connected, and if someone is a fan of your work, chances are their like-minded friends will be too. Each quality blog post will increase your odds of effortless social media promotion.

Priding yourself on a high bar when it comes to your own blog writing is also a great way to attract the attention of freelancing opportunities. Freelance agencies are attracted to writers who have an impressive portfolio behind them, and while you won’t always write about something you’re particularly passionate about, it’s an effective way to make waves that will also wash over your personal blog.

By now you might be thinking that it seems like a no-brainer to focus on the quality of your blog writing over the quantity, but this certainly isn’t the case. Quantity is often regarded as a writer purely striving for clicks – a common misconception. In truth, the importance of quantity should not be understated.

Researching the optimum length of your blog posts is an important first step to take when initially considering the desired word count. The area in which your writing resides, will instruct the ‘expected’ length of your blog posts. For example, a science blog with articles that explore in-depth particle physics is likely to contain posts with greater word counts than a blog regarding fashion trends of the season.

As blogs have grown and evolved over the years, as too have their audiences. Whereas a few years ago a writer could get away with a blog post that was a few hundred words, in 2017 that just doesn’t cut it. Google search a particular topic and explore the articles displayed on the first page; notice that the common feature they share is that they’re not a couple of hundred words in length, but a couple of thousand.

Blog writing

Quality or quantity? Your blog posts need both.

Audiences today are attracted to blogs that they can really sink their teeth into. If a blog post doesn’t have much of anything to say, it isn’t going to keep the attention of a potential loyal reader. Once you find that sweet spot in terms of length, it’s important to stay consistent. This goes equally for the schedule at which you upload posts; whether it’s twice a week or five times a week, stick to it.

A primary element of Google’s search algorithm specifically targets quantity. Simply put, the higher the quantity of quality blog posts over an extended period of time, the more likely your blog is to appear in search results. Your writing may be exceptional, but if you only demonstrate your skills once a month, your blog posts will merely be drops in an endless ocean.

Finally, while it may seem obvious, a benefit of a higher quantity of blog posts is the increased possibility of a page view. The more posts you have, the better your odds are of gaining a click. Furthermore, if you’re able to diversify your writing, and your blog possesses a high quantity of those diverse posts, the more likely a reader is to find an article of yours that interests them.

While techniques exist that can improve both quality and quantity, such as incorporating high-quality images within a blog post, the argument over which is more important is unlikely to cease any time soon. Focus on both, and your work will shine over those who place added value on one over the other.

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