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3 Ways To Ensure Your SEO Stays Tip-Top Every Month

by | Sep 19, 2017

SEO is crucial to the success of any e-commerce site and, unfortunately, it’s not a one-and-done event. You might’ve worked extremely hard to get to the crest of Google’s search rankings for your specific keywords, but the real work is maintaining your pole position in a world full of stiff competition. Even though SEO is a relatively new tool, the way we approach and think about it has changed rapidly over the last few years, making it even harder to keep up to date with the latest SEO tenets. But keep up you must, if you want to utilise it to the best advantage for you and your business. Here are three top tips to help your SEO stay tip top each month.

1 – Keep Your Site Updated

This sounds obvious but you’d be surprised just how many sites let this crucial practise slip. Google looks for freshness as well content, and this doesn’t just mean text; if you want to maintain your SEO position, then you better starting adding pictures and videos each month as well. Every bit of content contributes to page ranking in 2017. The more the better.


2 – Keep Those Links Coming

Both backward links and outward links are crucial, as Google and other search engines will take them into account when deciding your ranking. Backward links are links that feed into previous posts or content on your site, whereas outward links will direct users to another site outside of yours. Though it may seem counterintuitive to send visitors away from you, outward links help keep your site relevant and ‘in the mix’; so make sure you’re doing plenty of both.


3 – Don’t Forget About Your Social Media

Despite the exact algorithms of social media remaining hidden for the most part, it’s clear that the social media heavy hitters such as LinkedIn and Facebook do factor into page rankings in some shape and form. So make sure that they stay updated across the board! There are plenty of apps that will let you post to all your platforms simultaneously, so remember to keep them all ticking over. Another important thing to note is to keep your content and updates consistent. If you have one blog post or video a month, that’s perfectly fine; just make sure you keep it up and hit your targets every month.

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