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How Can Destination Photographers Use Keywords To Their Advantage?

by | Dec 28, 2021

It’s all about location! At least, that’s what every real estate agent would have you believe. However, in an industry permeated by lies and half-truths (“A recent murder? In this house? I think you’re very much mistaken, sir.”), this one really is accurate. For destination photographers – a much more wholesome profession – location is equally important. Let’s take a look at how destination photographers can use keywords to win clients – and let’s never go house-hunting without a polygraph and a taser in our backpacks.



Destination Photographer Keywords


Keywords are crucial if you’re a wedding photographer. The internet has no location; it’s an open gate to the whole wide world, so people need to know what to search in order to find you. More importantly, you need to turn up when they type these keywords into a search engine…and you need to turn up high on the list!

This is simple if you’re based in a specific location (‘Elephant Butte wedding photographers’, anyone?), but harder if you’re a destination wedding photographer who targets the whole globe. Read on for a few tips to narrow down your keywords while losing none of your jet-setting appeal.


wedding near louvre pyramid

‘Louvre Pyramid (East Side) wedding photographer’ is an example of an overly niche keyword. However, you can be sure the market is well and truly cornered.



How To Rank For Destination Photography Keywords


When it comes to destination photographer SEO, location keywords are still crucial. If you’re global, think of destinations you’d like to visit or shoot and then lean into them – or maybe you’ve got a wish list of places you’ve already shot in and would like to return to. Anything with a specific location should be on the table. Go niche, go deep! Don’t just name cities – single out specific venues and photo spots to cover all of your bases.



How to Improve Destination Photographer SEO


Let’s say you’re a photographer based in Perth (lucky you), but you shoot destinations all over the world. People may still utilise the search term ‘Perth destination photographer’ when searching for their wedding, especially if they live in the area. Therefore, it pays for you to have a strong ‘Perth’ showing in your keyword arsenal.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to divide your keywords into two groups and place them separately. Yes, even for your location-based keywords – it’s still all about location. General keywords are optimised for your site copy, but you should save niche keywords for your blog copy.

However, even when you’re writing a blog about a specific place, you can mention that you shoot anywhere and everywhere at the bottom of the post. As with any keyword strategy, it’s less about associating a specific place with your business and more about getting people through your digital door in the first…place. (Place, place, place…we did tell you it was all about location.)

If you’re wondering ‘What are good keywords for destination photographers?’ then we’re here to help. Through our continued relationship with the awesome Jai Long and his equally awesome ‘Make Your Break’ podcast, wedding photographer SEO has become something of a speciality of ours. And the best news? We’re destination SEO specialists, serving the whole wide world!


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