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Why You Should Focus On Frequently Asked Questions For SEO In 2020

by | Jan 7, 2020

Search engines were once used for singular word searches and the occasional short phrases. However, in 2020, as people have become even more reliant on Google and its peers, searches often take the form of questions. We turn to Google to ask all sorts of stuff – from the mundane to the bizarre to the downright existential – but what does this mean for business owners and their search engine optimisation? The field is changing rapidly, evolving alongside the technology that makes it all possible in the first place. So how can you incorporate Frequently Asked Questions into your 2020 SEO strategy – and why should you?


Frequently Asked Questions & SEO

The name of the game is for your website to be the answer to someone’s question – the more popular the question, the better. Ideally, Google will link to your site first of all, putting you at the top of their SEO rankings. But to be successful at this, you have to pre-empt the questions that people will ask. That’s why it’s a great idea to examine Frequently Asked Questions that surround your business or product and then use them as a method to sculpt your SEO. By inserting the FAQs into your SEO, your site becomes the answer.

You can use online services such as SEMrush to work out which keywords and questions are best to target for your particular industry, or employ an SEO content agency to do all the hard work. This is an excellent way of ensuring that you remain near the top of the search results, while also proving yourself useful to any potential customers who might be seeking you out.


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Implementing Frequently Asked Questions in your 2020 SEO strategy will give your site a head start towards becoming a top search result on Google.


Voice Search & SEO

Another reason why the FAQ tactic works well is that many people don’t even type things into search engines anymore: they use voice search. This makes it even more imperative to get to the top of the SEO charts, because Google will take the top result and direct the searcher to that answer rather than letting them explore the whole first page. Scrolling through results is becoming a thing of the past and as technology develops, it’s likely to lean more in the same direction.

The lay of the SEO land will have to adapt with it but for now it’s more competitive than it ever was. Room at the top is scant and there are more websites out there – in every field – than ever before.


SEO in 2020

Whatever happens to SEO in 2020, one thing that will remain constant is the importance of good SEO in your company’s overall strategy. To give your website’s SEO the attention it deserves, consider outsourcing to a company who knows what they’re talking about. Not only will this allow you to stay ahead of the curve trend-wise, it will also take the pressure off your resources, allowing you to focus fully on your business or product.


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