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How Often Should I Post On My E-Commerce Site’s Blog?

by | Dec 19, 2017

Every smart business owner should know that an online blog is a must for any serious e-commerce site. A blog can help direct traffic to your site by ranking your page higher in the search engines, and also provide readers and potential customers with an insight into your personality, which is a must when you’re attempting to stand out from the jostling online crowd. But there’s a delicate balance between posting too much and posting too little; how do you know when you’re blogging at a premium rate?

Well, the answer depends on your content. Unless you’re in a position to outsource your blog writing to a professional (which is what the majority of successful business do, as they can then ensure top-quality daily posts that are the holy grail of SEO) and are still writing the blog yourself alongside running your business, you should aim for once a week or fortnight if you’re writing longer posts (2000+ words). If you’re into shorter posts (500-1000), then once every two-three days is about the right number. Posting every day was popular a few years ago, but the blogosphere has shifted since then, and in 2017 you can easily fatigue your readers if you bombard them with daily musings. This is especially true when you have something to sell, and focus solely on one specific niche; your audience won’t take kindly to having it rammed down their throats, and you’ll come across as that one kid who always had something to say during classroom show-and-tell; consistent but tediously tangential.

Much better to really consider your posts, and let them loose once a week or so. That way your readers will be looking forward to what you have to say, and pay attention when you say it. It also means that you can get away with longer blog posts, which will rank you higher in the search engines, meaning more traffic for your site. Your blog is the spine of your online presence, and should be a major focus for your marketing plan; make sure you think carefully about what you want to talk about and when you want to say it.

A final thing to note; once you’ve established a routine, make sure you keep it consistent! Nothing is more fatal to a blog than a failing timeline. Audiences online attentions are kitten-like. If you post once a week, once a day or even once a month, make sure to keep it up; it’ll give your online business a professional and dependable presence, which is the coin of the realm when it comes to e-commerce.


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