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How To Build A Business Blog From Scratch

by | Jul 21, 2020

When you think about building a website, the blog is usually the last thing on your mind. It’s the pineapple on the pizza: not integral to the whole, but a wonderful addition nonetheless. Actually, don’t take that metaphor too seriously – many people don’t like pineapple on their pizza. Hate it, in fact. Which is totally fair. OK, so don’t think of your blog as pineapple chunks, per se; replace as appropriate with your favourite topping.

Doesn’t matter either way, because a blog is not a topping! It’s an integral part of your website. You need to roll that blog into the doughy base of your pizza. Make it the very foundation of your site, the cornerstone. But how exactly do you do it? Here’s a quick rundown on how to build a business blog.


Does Blogging Increase SEO?


A business blog is an essential component of your overall strategy. Not only does it help you appear professional and competent, it also increases a key metric, SEO (search engine optimisation). Online business these days is highly competitive. Many different companies compete for a small sliver of the same industry, making the marketplace tougher than, well, a horrendously overcooked pizza.

SEO is the tool you need to stay above the pack. It will rank you higher in search engine results, ensuring more eyes get on your site, and subsequently, that more customers reach your checkout page. A blog is the perfect vehicle to zoom you up those SEO charts.


PepperStorm Media - pizza

Are blogs important for SEO? Yes – as important as toppings on a pizza.


Why are Blogs Useful for Businesses?


But it’s not just about SEO! Fundamentally, blogs are a cheap and effective way to drive traffic towards your site, if done correctly. They also help to connect people to your brand. The internet is essentially faceless and, more often than not, clinical. Blogs help bring across the personality behind your brand, as well as establishing that you know what you’re talking about.

Look, there a lot of spoofers on the internet. People know that any old fool can buy a domain and boot up a webpage. Maintaining a consistent blog will help you establish your company as a legitimate industry leader with pertinent, interesting things to say – both to clients and potential clients. That goodwill capital can be invaluable when you want to rise above your competitors.


How to Build a Blog from Scratch


So how do you build a blog from scratch? The first thing you want to do is decide on a blogging schedule and stick to it. Whether that’s once a week, once a fortnight or once a month doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re consistent, so people know when to expect your dispatches.

Then you need to find your company’s brand voice, a style of writing that suits the tone of your business and provides the right vehicle for the message you want to get across. Don’t worry if writing isn’t your strong suit; you can hire content and SEO specialists who’ll work with you to create the blogs for your business. You’ll also want to get visual with your posts: include pictures, graphics, GIFS – anything engaging that suits your tone.

Blogging is all about creating content that hooks your audience, as well as providing your company with an SEO conduit. Fortunately, like pineapple and pizza, those two things often go hand-in-hand. Deliver strong, SEO-filled content and you’re sure to find an audience – even if they prefer pepperoni.


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