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How To Use Facebook Ads To Get Instagram Followers

by | May 10, 2022

When it comes to your Instagram account, size matters. Having a large account (with interested and engaged followers, not bots!) is super important for your brand. A large following establishes credibility, builds brand awareness, and drives sales – awesome all round, right?

So, you might be wondering, can I buy more Instagram followers? Well, you definitely don’t want to fall for those dodgy website scams that sell followers, as they’re often just bots – and if Insta catches you buying them, you can actually lose your account. Yikes. However, did you know that you can use Facebook ads to get Instagram followers?

Like Facebook, Instagram won’t boost your account unless you pay them, and they also don’t offer follower campaigns. But there’s a way around this! Here’s how to use Facebook ads to get Instagram followers – it’s a sweet trick that’s definitely worth your time.



How to Get More Instagram Followers from Facebook Ads


“Help! I don’t know how to grow my Instagram with Facebook ads!” Never fear, friend. We’ve got your back.

If you’re already confident in setting up Facebook ad campaigns, you’ll be ready to roll – you’re essentially just creating a new campaign that will only target Instagram. Here’s the rundown.



1. Create a New Campaign


In your Facebook Ads manager, create a new campaign with ‘Traffic’ as the main objective and then set your budget.

On the Ad Set level, it’s time to pick your audience. Generally, we’d recommend a 1% lookalike with the audience who already interacts with your Instagram account. You’ll do this by creating a custom audience based on people who’ve interacted with your Insta profile in the last year.



facebook ads screen

It’s easier than you might think to grow your Instagram account with Facebook ads.



2. Choose Your Placement


Within the Ad Set, select Instagram as your placement. It’s great to get even more specific and target Instagram stories, as these can convert really well. Since this is a campaign focused solely on Instagram, be sure to uncheck the other platforms such as Messenger.



3. Create Your Ad


Next, you’ll set up the ads. You can skip the primary text, but be sure to include your URL. Basically, you need a vertical video that’s short, snappy, engaging, and persuasive – you’ve gotta give people a reason to follow you! Try and keep it under 15 seconds so that it can be shown across all formats.

It’s fine to film the vid on your phone, but the important part is a clear call to action at the end. Something like: “Click the link below this video and then hit follow”. Then launch your campaign and you’re good to go!


Pro Tip: Don’t just film one video. Film a dozen. Mix it up with different scripts, backgrounds, speakers – then A/B test the hell out of each video on a low budget until you find the perfect video that delivers the lowest Cost Per Conversion. Then use that video to scale up to reach that sweet 1K, 10K, 100K, or A BILLION! (Delete as appropriate re: your Insta follower target/bank account.)


If budget is a little tight, you might be wondering, “How can I get more Instagram followers outside paid campaigns?” In addition to ad campaigns, make sure you’re posting on the platform regularly. Only share your best content, engage with other accounts, use hashtags wisely, and post not just to the grid, but also Stories and Reels. Organic growth is definitely possible on Instagram, but it requires some patience.


Still feeling unsure of doing all this yourself? We’re here to help. Our social team can set ads up for you as part of a rolling monthly social media management package, helping you to grow your accounts on autopilot. No need to be embarrassed about the size of your, uh, social anymore.


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