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How To Write Landing Page Copy That Actually Converts

by | Jun 29, 2021

A landing page is exactly that: a place where you want your potential customers to land. Think of yourself as one of those people who guides planes into airports with orange sticks. They’re crucial in making sure the plane nails its landing and parks itself in the right place. Without them, the plane could miss a mark, the transport bridge won’t connect, and all the passengers (your audience) won’t be able to make it through to the airport (your brand/product/site). With us so far, frequent fliers?



What Is A Landing Page?


Moving away from that (slightly strained yet accurate) analogy: landing pages are created as standalone pages that people click through to from an email link or online ad. They’re designed with a singular goal in mind, and usually feature a prominent CTA (call to action) to convert readers and deliver sales.



What Should I Write On My Landing Page?


The most important part of this very important page is the copy. The words you choose on the landing page will be the first impression that many potential clients and customers get of you and your business. You need to accomplish a bunch of things at once, representing your brand while striking a fine balance between sales-focused and informative.



How To Write Landing Page Copy That Converts


Now you’re wondering how to write a landing page, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here are a few tips to help you optimise that conversion copy!



1. Use Testimonials


Your previous clients are some of the best representatives for your business. Testimonials look great on your site and inspire a sense of confidence and trust right out of the gate. Some pertinent percentages and numbers can also put the icing on the cake here – just don’t go full maths lesson on it.



2. Get Ahead With The Headline


Spend some time crafting the perfect headline. This may well be the very first thing your customer reads; even though it might only be a few words, it’s the most important part of the landing page. A good headline can reel your audience in and keep them there.


plane flying above airport

This plane is about to land on an airport. In landing page terms, this would be considered a critical error, just as it would in aviation terms.



3. Write Like A Human, Not A Company


A landing page is just pictures and text, like most other pages on the internet. Make sure to inject your personality into the copy and write like a human being. People will respond better, plus it also gives you the opportunity to convey some of your brand values (if you’re clever).



4. Short, Sharp And Dynamic


The best landing page copy is like a boxer’s jab: short, sharp and dynamic. You’re looking to make the most impact possible without overwriting – or worse, overselling.



5. Keep ’Em Scrolling


Attention spans are short on the internet, so keep your audience interested with spaced-out writing (literal space, not in the abstract sense!), varied fonts and active voice.



6. Seal The Deal With A Killer CTA


The cherry on the landing page sundae is a killer call-to-action. Come up with a one-liner that incentivises your audience to either buy on the spot or race headlong into your business.


If you think you need some help landing the proverbial plane, we’re packing all the orange sticks you need. Get in touch and let’s convert your copy to copy that converts.


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