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Crowded Industry? How To Write Website Copy That Outshines Your Competitors

by | Nov 24, 2020

We all know that tacky talent show called The Voice (you’ve probably found yourself watching it at some point out of sheer desperation), where the judges swivel in their oversized chairs when they hear a voice that catches their attention. The show should actually be called The Unique Voice, because that’s what you need to succeed on it.

Everyone’s got a voice. But not everyone can make the judges do a 180°. The same is true for your copywriting. You’re in endless competition with other businesses and outlets, some of whom are selling and saying the exact same thing as you. The answer? Be unique. Stand out.



How Do You Write Good Website Copy?


We hear you. Not everyone can just magic up fantastic copy out of nowhere. So let’s take a look at some tips to help you build a witty, informative brand online.

First off, you’ve got to make it personal. Generic doesn’t connect. Make a list of some personal info before you sit down to write and sprinkle details throughout your copy. That way, even if you’re offering the same service as other brands, you’ll make your original voice shine through. (Just don’t get too personal. Bowel habits, for instance: best avoided.)


PepperStorm Media - How To Write Website Copy

How to rank high in Google rankings: get your readers making this face.



How to Rank Higher Than Your Competitors


One way to do it is to use humour. Many people aren’t funny. Many more aren’t funny while wielding the written word. Use humour to inject your copy with some dynamism and keep your readers entertained. They’ll definitely thank you for it by the end and become more endeared to you in the process. It’s a win-win.

You really want to know how to outrank your competitors? Sniff ’em out. Take a look at what they’re bringing to the table and see what you like and what you don’t like. You can be ‘creatively influenced’ by the good parts but make sure not to completely rip them off. It’s a better idea to take the feeling of what they’re putting out there and try to recreate that same intent in your own words.



Copywriting Tips That Boost Google Rankings


You might be highly knowledgeable in your industry but don’t forget that your audience probably isn’t. That’s why they come to you! Make sure to break it down and talk/write in ways that they can understand.

More importantly, answer questions without your readers having to ask them. In other words, anticipate what they might want from your content and create copy around that. This is the best way to attract an audience, as they’re likely to refer their friends as well as using you as a reference point. FAQs are obviously great for this (the clue is in the title), as well as regular ol’ workhorse blogs.

Follow these tips and tricks on how to write website copy and you won’t just have people doing 180°s – they’ll be doing the full 360° in exaltation, over and over again. And once they finally stop spinning, they’ll be all too eager to become your client.


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