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How Can Wedding Photographers Use SEO Blog Articles To Outrank Their Competition?

by | Sep 6, 2022

It’s no secret that wedding photography is a competitive industry. From finding clients to nailing the perfect shot each time, it can feel like there’s not enough time in the day to take a coffee break – let alone manage your marketing!

We totally get how hard the journey to becoming a successful wedding photographer can seem. Online, every photographer seems to be targeting the same locations – offline, depending on word of mouth and referrals can be unreliable. So, what’s a poor photographer to do?

The answer: start (or update!) your wedding photographer blog! With solid SEO foundations and a blog optimised for SEO using long-tail keywords, you can give yourself an edge so that you appear higher in search engine rankings – which equals more clients.

Here’s how to improve wedding photographer SEO with the help of a well-written blog.



Wedding photography SEO is all about keywords


Each blog post is a killer opportunity to organically place strategic keywords throughout the piece. Such keywords as ‘best engagement photographer in Portland’ or ‘where to elope in San Diego’ will increase the likelihood of your site appearing when potential customers search for those terms on Google.


wedding photographer

By spending a bit of time improving your SEO, you can generate more client leads – which means more opportunities to get behind the lens and do what you do best!


Search engines find keywords and use them to rank articles, so each of your blog posts should have certain keywords related to their individual topics. However, the sad truth is that some keywords are much harder to rank for than others.

A keyword like ‘best wedding photographer’ is super broad – we get it, everyone wants to rank for that! But if you niche down to something more specific, like ‘best small wedding photographer in Kansas City’, you’ll have much better odds of (a) ranking and (b) attracting clients in your geographical area. You can use a mix of both broad and niche keywords to achieve an overall positive SEO effect.



How to write the best wedding photographer blog


Wondering how to write a wedding photography blog? Honestly, there are no secret hacks or tricks – it all comes down to writing high-quality content that will help your readers and inspire them to take action.

First, do keyword research to identify the keywords that you want to target through the post. But go easy, cowboy – you definitely don’t want to cram in as many keywords as you can possibly find. This is called ‘keyword stuffing’ and is really bad for your SEO.

Instead, use keywords more sparingly throughout your headers, text and captions so that their placement looks and sounds natural to the reader. Remember: the user experience should always take priority over your keywords, as a blog that reads unnaturally is going to be off-putting to any visitor…which reflects badly on your brand.

Finally, make sure to edit for grammar and spelling, add any relevant internal and external links, then hit ‘Publish’ and share with the world! Promote it on your social media channels too, as new posts are a great way to direct social traffic to your website.

With all that said, if you feel more comfortable in front of the camera than in front of a keyboard, we can put together your wedding photography blogs for you – including that tedious keyword research. You know where to find us!


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