Why lead generation is important for a photography business

Lead Magnets For Photographers: What They Are & Why You Need One

by | Apr 24, 2024

Ever seen that Adam Sandler film “Click”? It’s about a guy with a magic remote that fast-forwards through all the bland or icky moments like bickering, traffic, and work.

Sounds like a godsend. But things go south (shocker!). He ends up losing touch with his family and life itself. The happy twist comes after he learns an important lesson: you can’t skip important moments without losing what really matters.

Same goes for your marketing. There’s enough free crap on the internet to turn the metaverse into a landfill. Usually, it’s there to rush you through to a sale. But that “crap” is where the sale is actually made, especially for pricier items or services. 

So how do you make it, uh, not crap? Easy.

Instead of thinking, “How can I sell my stuff?” (like the majority of your competitors do), try a different angle:

“If I want to appear as the only rational solution, what would each person need to know and feel about me? And what would they need to know and feel about their problem?”

Now we’re cookin’.

And lead magnets are the bait to get this going.

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What are lead magnets?


Lead magnets for photographers are essentially sales tools. Uber-versatile, adaptable sales tools. They’re designed to trigger new relationships with specific kinds of customers.

Ever heard of Dan Kennedy? He (possibly) coined “lead magnet” when he realised that most people don’t buy on the first go-around. So he started using informational lead magnets to help customers with their buying decisions from an earlier stage.

That can send a whole new school of fishies to your offer!

You can morph a lead magnet into any shape or form to fit the problem. But the end goal is always the same: generating more business.


Why do photographers need lead magnets?


Maybe you don’t! If your customer is ready to buy, why mess around? Let them go ahead and whip out that plastic.

Low-ticket products often don’t need much setup. Sometimes, a small offer — like a trip-wire — works as a lead magnet.

Referrals usually don’t require a lead magnet either (they already know what you do, want what you offer, and trust you because you’ve got the insider’s nod).

But what if they’re not ready? What if they don’t even know the extent of their problem yet? 

That’s where a lead magnet comes in. Without one, you’ll struggle to engage those not ready to buy. 

Lead magnets for photographers

Lead magnets for photographers are uber-versatile, adaptable sales tools. Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay.


What is the purpose of a lead magnet?


These things are no one-trick pony. Nabbing prospects at earlier stages of the buyer’s journey is one gorgeous benefit, but there’s more.

1. They give you an inviting way to introduce yourself to potential customers and show them what sets you apart from others in your field. People often assume that photographers (and most other creative service providers) are all the same. A lead magnet proves there’s more to you than just your job title.

2. They allow you to gauge interest in a product or service before you offer something more expensive. You can then segment those people based on their interests.

3. Lead magnets also let you control the type and number of people you attract. You can target specific prospects or cast a wider net for more leads.

4. For example, to attract people from a specific place, tweak the focus and details to resonate with that location. “What Photographers in Sydney Must Know About Marketing in 2024” is much more attention-grabbing than a generic title like “Photographer Marketing: All You Need To Know”.


Why lead generation is important for a photography business


Unless you can coast on referrals (a comfy yet hard-to-scale approach), you’ll need some leads coming in, right?

Photographers are also a little different from other service-based businesses in that there’s a personality element in there, too. When you’re on the job you’re not just snapping pics with your mouth taped. Some gigs or niches might be like that. But clients will often want to know they’ll get along with the photographer and have a good time, too.

That’s why it’s important to ditch the dry stuff and inject personality into your lead magnet wherever you can.

Lead magnets are also a good positioning tool. Instead of having to reach out, it allows you to attract people to you.

The goal is to set up any service provider’s favourite greeting: “What can I do for you?”

Photography is an incredibly competitive industry, so this sort of stuff can give you a real edge.


Are lead magnets worth it?


Oh, you can waste a boatload of opportunity, cash and time on marketing and lead magnets that don’t attract leads.

But the usual victims are the trend-hoppers. They follow what everyone else is doing without thinking about what’s right for them and their business. If you get what we’re trying to do here, you’re perfectly fine!

Being too cautious to experiment is no solution either. Without lead magnets, your offer is limited to only one phase of the customer journey: the ‘shut up and take my money’ bit.

If you want to widen your net, then a well-chosen lead magnet pays for itself over and over. (You can actually run the math on this, too).


What to include in a lead magnet


Again, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Look at your market and identify their questions and problems. 

Find a lead magnet that fits those needs. Think about what would be on the tip of their tongue if you asked them what they’re dying to know more about. 

Don’t forget to weave in little nuggets about your story, personality, and unique attributes. You know, all the things that make you stand out.

At the end, add an incentive to take the next step, whether that be adding to your email list, a consultation, or a purchase.


How do you promote a lead magnet?


Let’s see. You can drive paid traffic to your lead magnet. You can leverage someone’s list. You can get your name out through social media. 

A great way is to nudge people there naturally. Think up a relevant segment and pitch yourself as a guest on podcasts. Then you can casually mention, “Oh, by the way, I have this great guide for XYZ. If you’d like to learn more, get it at [your website].” You could also do this for a blog or someone’s social media page.

But that’s why you want your lead magnet accessible through one link on your website. You can just say, “Hey, head over to JimJonesPhotography.com, and bam, there it is.”


Where to place a lead magnet on your website


This boils down to where your traffic is coming from. What do they expect when they hit your site? If you’ve got people searching your website, they don’t necessarily need to be slapped with a lead magnet first thing. They’re already coming with intent. 

It can sometimes be better presented after they’ve had a browse — so you can plug it in pop-ups, banners or at the end of content.

But if you’re driving traffic from places like we discussed, where people are looking for it, have it front and centre.

Just think about the customer journey, try stuff out, and see what works. Another thing to keep in mind is how many people you want. Lead magnets are like faucets for lead flow. If you don’t want tons of people getting in touch with you or jumping on your list, you can tighten the lead magnet’s appeal, or keep it on a separate page.


Lead magnets for wedding photographers

Where to place a lead magnet on your website boils down to where your traffic is coming from. Image by Nandu Vasudevan from Pixabay.


Lead magnet ideas for photographers


  • Ebooks 
  • Pre-set packs
  • Consultations
  • Niche guides (events, food)
  • Niche marketing course (FB, email etc.)
  • Quizzes
  • Instructive behind-the-scenes stuff
  • Cheatsheets
  • Webinars and workshops
  • Private group access
  • First-time discounts


Lead magnets for wedding photographers


  1. Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist
  2. Bridal Posing Guide
  3. Free Engagement Session Offer
  4. Wedding Day Timeline Template
  5. Sample Wedding Album
  6. Top 10 Tips for Stunning Wedding Photos
  7. Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Photographer
  8. Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Video of a Wedding Shoot
  9. Wedding Photography Style Quiz
  10. Free Wedding Photo Editing Presets
  11. Bridal Beauty Shot List
  12. Groom’s Guide to Wedding Photos
  13. Free Save-the-Date Photo Session
  14. Essential Wedding Photography Gear List
  15. Wedding Photography FAQ Guide


But remember to really look at what people want…rather than spraying and praying. Some options might seem logical when they are actually as exciting to your market as a bowl of porridge. 

Just take those ideas and spin them into something off the wall. Or get hyper-specific to cut through the noise.

In any case, get creative and have some fun 💃🕺

If you’d like us to chat about whether lead magnets could be useful to you (and which ones would work), say hi today! 😀

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