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When Should A Startup Consider Outsourcing Its Content Creation?

by | Nov 12, 2019

Embarking on a startup can sometimes feel like a delicate balancing act, especially in the early stages. There’s so much to do and plan that knowing the best way to allocate your financial resources can be tricky. In the cyclonic flurry of getting a startup, well, up and running, big picture thinking can give way to obsessing over smaller details. For example, you might start worrying more about the exact colour shade of your logo and put off your content creation plan for a couple of months. However, this would be a serious error. Content is critical for your business and if you’re totally stretched at the outset of your launch then outsourcing your content creation can be a real time-saver, not to mention incredibly beneficial to the growth of your company.

Why is content creation so important? For many businesses, content is their brand. Many customers’ first interaction with a business is online. As digital integration becomes more and more paramount to our collective commerce, this number is only going to grow. You don’t get much of a chance to make a first impression online; the content you put out is often the very face of your business. It forms the very identity of your brand, and helps confer your values and mission to your customers. Many people often think of content as an afterthought, that it’s just there to tick some boxes; this is wrong-headed. In many ways, your content is not just an addendum to your business – it is your business.


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Launching a startup requires everybody involved to use their time incredibly efficiently; unless one of your team is a professional SEO writer, you should consider outsourcing your content creation.


The way the internet operates also plays a big part in how businesses should approach their content, and why they should probably outsource it if they can. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short) is an incredibly useful tool that businesses can use to keep ahead of the curve. Accurate SEO can propel their sites higher up the search engine charts. This is crucial for success because the vast majority of online users treat search engines as gateways to the internet. Therefore, ranking higher in the results obviously provides a site with more visibility, sometimes infinitely more, depending on how high they climb.

To gain all the benefits of SEO, you should outsource your content creation to a professional. They will make sure that every page of your site is geared towards optimal SEO, and also help you craft a blog that can compliment both your site and your brand. Blogs are not only a great tool for SEO; they also help a business interact with their clients, and generate traffic for a site through social media. While a blog might sound simple in the abstract, creating an engaging, dynamic blog is no small task, and may require more resources than you have at hand. If you’re starting up a startup, consider outsourcing to give your business the best possible chance in the long run!


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