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Why Every Photographer Needs A Killer Blog On Their Website

by | Apr 30, 2019

If you’re a photographer, you probably think your visual work can do all the talking for you. While it’s true that it can do a lot of the heavy lifting – the internet is a largely visual medium where grabbing attention with beautiful photographic work is the name of the game – relying solely on beautifully captured images will only take you so far. If you plan to expand and grow your online photography business, as well as stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to engage people with your words as well. The best way to do this is in the form of a killer blog.


Everyone’s A Photographer These Days…

In 2019, blogs might sound outmoded to some people, but the truth is they’re more relevant than ever. So much content is flooding the internet, with more being added every single day, that it can be hard to stand out in a field of people who are all doing the same thing as you. This is especially true when it comes to photographers. Everyone is a photographer on the internet and with the succession of Instagram over Facebook, eye-catching images are everywhere. On a social media timeline, an iPhone photo can be just as successful in attracting views as a professionally taken photo; throw on a cool filter and the lines between the two begin to blur.


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If you plan to expand and grow your online photography business by standing out from the crowd, you’ll want to invest in a killer blog.


A Blog Can Differentiate You From The Pack

You can make up this difference with a blog. A blog is where you can bring out your personality, and demonstrate your capability on a specific subject to your readers. It will also help you differentiate yourself from all the other pro photographers out there, most of whom are relying solely on Insta and Squarespace image galleries to promote themselves. A blog is a much more direct and engaging way to communicate with your fans, customers and followers. As long as it’s consistent and well-written, you should see an increase in your engagements in no time.


A Good Blog Post Will Boost Organic Traffic By Maximising SEO Techniques

A blog can also help boost your SEO (search engine optimisation), which pushes you further up the list of search engine results. Whatever you’re selling or promoting on the internet, this is an invaluable asset, as it allows you to become visible to people who might not yet even know you exist. Through the use of keywords and optimised language, blogs are an efficient tool for achieving an SEO boost, doubling as an informative insight into your creative life at the same time.


If Writing Isn’t Your Thing, You Can Always Outsource The Work

Photographers are visual people, who obviously might be intimidated by moving into a medium dominated by written words. If you like the sound of a blog but can’t picture yourself actually writing one, don’t worry. There are several companies out there (such as PepperStorm) who specialise in creating quality tailored content, specifically suited to your brand and needs. With a little help, you can make sure you stand out as a photographer who means – and knows – business.


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