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Why Online Cannabis Retailers Need A Quality Blog

by | Nov 20, 2018

More and more countries around the world are legalising recreational marijuana. Recently, the United States approved recreational marijuana use in some states (such as California and Colorado), and Canada has also just passed a law legalising the herb. This legalisation means that acceptance of medical marijuana (MMJ) to treat patients in these countries is also likely to increase. That’s why the perfect time for online cannabis retailers to step up their game and create websites with high-quality blogs is RIGHT NOW. These blog posts can help increase site traffic, as well as provide more opportunities to engage with existing and potential customers – seems like a no-brainer, right?

Unfortunately, the websites of online cannabis and MMJ retailers can be somewhat boring. They often just list product information, which leaves little room for customer exploration or interaction with the site. Customers will simply buy their products and not think twice about the company; they might not even feel compelled to head back to the site for future purchases. However, a well-written blog with regular new posts can immensely improve a marijuana company’s site.

Blog posts that provide up-to-date content with issues relevant to the marijuana and MMJ community will encourage customers to engage with the site in a more meaningful way. Customers will receive a better insight into how to use their products, as well as information related to legal and social news. As marijuana is such a hot topic in the news today, there’s never going to be a shortage of topics to write about. These blogs can also provide information about how marijuana can be used to treat various medical conditions (including arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, and many more), which can be incredibly helpful and reassuring for new customers using MMJ products for the first time.


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A high-quality blog can increase any online cannabis retailer’s audience. Image by 4657743 from Pixabay


Insightful and interesting blog posts can also drive more customers to an e-commerce site, as they can be easily shared with friends and family over email and organically promoted via social media channels. This increase in exposure can result in more potential customers accessing content on the site, which can lead to more product sales. Increased traffic to the site is also likely to boost a site up the Google rankings and result in a greater online presence. These goals can be achieved with blog posts that include popular (and some obscure!) SEO keywords related to cannabis, MMJ, and CBD. The stronger a site’s SEO, the more likely it will be that people who are searching for marijuana-related topics will hit on one of their blog posts.

Online cannabis and MMJ retailers who are looking for increased traffic to their site and more sales will find that a well-written blog can entice a multitude of potential customers. Fresh and unique blogs can also make customers stick around for future purchases because there will be something new and fun to check out every time they head to the site. More customer engagement with the site will end up creating a much stronger website overall, which should be the goal for any e-commerce business.


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