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3 Reasons Why A Blog Is Essential For Health And Wellness Retailers

by | Nov 13, 2018

Health and wellness retailers often focus the content of their websites solely on the products that they’re selling – and little else. This decreases the utility of the website as a source of information and can disengage potential customers (as well as being more than a little boring!). So, what can these retailers do to create a more well-rounded experience for their customers? The answer is a high-quality blog that’s regularly updated with topical content, which can attract new customers as well as keep the old ones interested and engaged. Here are the three top reasons why having a blog is essential for these types of retailers.


Grow your audience

Establishing a blog that offers frequent (ideally, at least one per week) posts can increase a site’s audience in a big way. Readers will not only be able to use the retailer’s site to make purchases, but they’ll also be able to view up-to-date, interesting content on everything from health trends and new products to wellness tips and how-to guides. Customers that are then more engaged can share posts with friends and family or on social media, potentially leading to an even larger customer base for the site.



A frequently updated blog on a health and wellness site can increase traffic and improve customer satisfaction.


Drive more traffic to the site

Increased traffic to a health and wellness retailer’s site can result in an increase in satisfied consumers. The health and wellness industry has grown exponentially over the last decade and millions (if not billions) of people are curious as to how they can optimise their health and wellbeing. This means that there are countless potential customers scouring the web at any second of the day, looking for advice and information about the very products that a health and wellness retailer is selling.

As health trends are constantly changing and new attitudes are fostered all the time, there’s never a shortage of popular (and controversial) topics to write about and potential customers have more of a reason to spend time on a site that has expertly curated blog posts rather than stale product information that never changes. Well-written blogs with strong SEO (search engine optimisation) can increase traffic to the site and boost Google rankings, which will also promote organic traffic. This is true of the majority of e-commerce industries, but especially relevant to the turbulent, exciting and content-driven world of health and wellness.


Increase sales

Of course, the main goal of every retailer is to discover a way to boost their sales. A blog is one easy way to do that. Posts that are written even just once a week can entice more customers to the site (through Google searches or post sharing). The best part is that it doesn’t require a ton of work on the site owner’s behalf, especially if they outsource the blog writing correctly. This can result in an increase in revenue, as more people being directed to the site equals more potential customers who will spend money on health and wellness products. So, wellness blogging is actually a simple, yet incredibly effective way to engage customers and boost sales.

An engaging, SEO-driven blog is essential in the successful growth of any e-commerce company, not to mention highly useful in engaging with its community of customers. Health businesses who invest in a quality blog that’s updated with topical content will keep their customers coming back again and again to their site, both to check out new blog posts and to purchase products.


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