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How Online Travel Companies Can Get An SEO Edge Over Their Competitors

by | Nov 27, 2018

Whether it’s finding the lowest price on a flight or getting inspiration for their next holiday, online travel companies have become a go-to for anyone looking for a little adventure. So, how can these companies set themselves apart from one another? If you’ve seen one travel site, you’ve seen them all, right? Well, not exactly. There are many steps that a travel company can take in order to both entice new consumers and retain loyal ones.

Travel companies (ranging all the way from travel apps to travel insurance sites) can benefit from having a well-written and well-maintained blog on their site. A regularly updated travel blog will ensure that the company’s site stays fresh, making it more appealing to visitors who can get travel news, trip ideas, budget-saving tips, and more – all in one handy place. This will result in potential customers becoming more engaged with the brand as they read interesting and insightful content, creating loyal fans right from the get-go.


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Travel companies can set themselves apart from the competition by including SEO-based blog posts on their sites.


Travel sites with quality blogs can also get ahead of their competitors by using strong SEO (search engine optimisation) keywords in their blog copy. Utilising these keywords will drive more traffic to the site, getting brand new readers acquainted with the company by establishing a relationship built on trust: the site gives the reader useful content (tips on packing for Australia, insurance advice for backpackers, etc.), therefore the reader will be more inclined to return to the site when they want to purchase a product or use their services. So, SEO can not only enhance user experience but can also passively increase sales – a win-win, right?

The great thing about the travel industry is that there’s so much to write about and it’s easy to make the content very ‘clickable’ – who wouldn’t want to read ‘4 Insanely Beautiful Beach Huts In Bali That Cost Less Than $9’? Throw in a few enticing, sun-kissed images and readers will stay on this site right through their lunch-break…and then wondering why they haven’t purchased a plane ticket to Denpasar Airport so they can top up their tan!

Wanderlust-themed posts are practically designed to be shared (especially on social media), which will result in an even larger audience coming through to the travel site that should result in an increase in both customer engagement and sales. So, whether they are sharing travel tips, updating product information, or just posting a fun story about backpacking in Ubud, travel companies with a quality blog are sure to rise to the top.


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