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3 Reasons Why Blogging Is Crucial For New Companies In Growth Industries

by | Dec 11, 2018

Blogging might seem like a fading content strategy in the face of mounting video content, but the truth of the matter is that in 2019 it’s going to be more important than ever. Blogging is an essential part of reaching your audience and potential customers, providing an instantaneous and direct path of communication. This is true whether you’re a huge company or a start-up trying to get a foothold in a growth industry; however, blogging is especially critical for the latter. Here’s why.


It Boosts SEO and Drives Traffic

Recent studies show that you have a 434% higher chance of ranking in search engine results if your website contains a blog. This staggering statistic is enough to prove the virtues of blogging in and of itself, but if you’re involved in a growth industry, this should be especially pertinent. Industries involving medical marijuana, cryptocurrency or travel are developing constantly. The first place people are going to turn to find out more about these industries is the internet. If you’re ranked high in the search engine results, you’re immediately legitimised in the eyes of your audience. The higher you are, the better – and blogs are the main force responsible for driving you to the top. Blogs also help drive traffic to your website, and can integrate with your social media for improved audience reach.


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If your business is in a growth industry, setting up a WordPress blog is a simple and effective way to communicate with your clients and boost your SEO.


A Platform for Information About Your Industry

Again, this one’s particularly pertinent to new industries; you want to get the right facts and message about your business across to your audience. The single best way to do this is with a blog. You don’t have to just talk about your specific products or approach either; you can examine the latest trends within your industry, provide information surrounding it, or ‘deep dive’ into specifics. Remember, blogging is still the absolute number one when it comes to detailed information. Video might seem that way, but people’s attention spans rarely last for longer than a few minutes maximum. With blogging, however, you can explore a specific subject in depth, making sure you put your points across succinctly and convincingly. People turn to the internet to learn about a topic, and blogs are still the number one source of informed opinion when it comes to specialists. Videos are much more marketing-driven, and tend to appear more amateurish.


Present a Human Face

Much of commerce is cold and clinical, especially in the online world where customers rarely deal with actual people. A blog can help you put a friendly spin on your product or business, and reveal the humans behind it. Through this, you can deepen the connection with your customers, building a sense of loyalty and trust as you go. Your customers and potential customers will love to be informed, so keep your blogs fun, engaging, light-hearted and informative. It might take a while to perfect this kind of tone, but it can pay off dividends in the long run.

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