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SEO: What’s Blogs Got To Do With It?!

by | Oct 30, 2018

When most people think of search engine optimisation (or SEO for short), they immediately think of keywords. The search engine algorithms which define where a webpage is ranked is fuelled by keywords, so it makes sense to load up your pages with this most relevant ones, right? Well yes, that’s correct; but it’s certainly not the full picture. Blogs are an excellent and often overlooked tool that accomplish a number of things in one fell swoop. Digital marketing often revolves around long-term strategies focused on building engagement with an ever-expanding client base. In 2018, keyword optimisation alone is not enough to fight your way to the top of the ever-increasing pile. You probably need a blog.

So why exactly do you need a blog for your website? There are a few reasons. First of all, and most paramount of all, is the fact that blogs provide an ever-expanding roll of fresh content. In the lighting-fast pace of the internet, keeping your content new and shiny is a critical key to success. In algorithmic speak, this is known as Query Deserves Freshness, or QDF for short, and it’s basically Google’s way of keeping searchers up to date with the latest content and trends. Search engines interpret recent activity on a site as a measure for the relevance of the site, and reward it accordingly in the rankings. A well-maintained and consistent blog is a surefire way to keep your site noticed and visible.


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Of course, keywords are an important function of blogs. But the way to best utilise them is often misunderstood. They’re the coin of the realm when it comes to internet searches, but if they crop up too obviously it can make a page or blog appear forced and strained, and ultimately have the effect of turning visitors off. Yes, blanket bombing your page with keywords might get you seen and visited upon, but it won’t necessarily result in a client base, or more importantly, returning visitors. Blogging provides a perfect means of incorporating keywords and phrases into your site, and building them naturally around a topic related to your chosen industry or field. You can also hone blog topics to specific keywords or phrases, allowing you to direct niche traffic and queries to your site.

Increased pages on your site are also a good thing. While the number of pages does not automatically equate to a higher search engine ranking, the fact that you have a large portfolio of pages provides you with more chances to score hits. A blog is the optimum way to enlarge your site, and create content based around your field or business. As your site expands, so will your keyword database, and by constantly rolling out new content, you can be assured of giving yourself the best chance to rank as high as possible.  All in all, a well-crafted blog is an essential tool when it comes to improving your SEO, and shouldn’t be overlooked by any site looking to make a dent in the rankings in 2018.

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