Why This Is The Time For UK CBD Companies To Invest In A Blog

by | Nov 6, 2018

In recent years, laws in the UK surrounding CBD usage have relaxed. There’s more openness towards consuming these types of products, as well as a push towards acceptance of medical marijuana (MMJ) in treating patients. This is why it’s the perfect time for CBD and MMJ companies in the UK to establish a well-maintained blog to help increase sales.

A blog with continuously fresh content can help with CBD and MMJ sales because customers will always have a good reason to head to the site – whether it’s for the latest news on legal and social issues surrounding MMJ in the UK, or an insight into how CBD products can be used. Websites that sell medical cannabis or CBD products can often feel stale if there’s no up-to-date content and a site that only has product information won’t necessarily attract new customers or keep existing customers engaged and interested in the company or its wares. So, the best way to drive traffic to a CBD site is by providing unique and engaging content that’s updated on a frequent basis (ideally, with at least one post per week).


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Investing in a well-maintained blog can help boost a CBD or MMJ site’s audience and sales.


More and more people are turning to CBD and MMJ products to help with various health conditions (ranging from anxiety and arthritis to cancer pain and insomnia). Despite growing interest, the general public still don’t have access to a lot of the information surrounding the many ways in which these products can be used to alleviate symptoms. A blog with fresh and frequent articles can bring in new customer sales, as well as entice people to try different products. Articles with relevant SEO (search engine optimisation) keywords can drive customers to the site who are looking for ways to treat some of their conditions. For example, arthritis sufferers in the UK might start to do research on what CBD products might lessen their symptoms. A blog post about how CBD can reduce joint pain featured on the company’s site can be found through search engines, thus linking the person directly to the site where these products can be purchased.

Another reason UK CBD companies should put time into creating a well-maintained blog is that these posts can be easily shared with friends and family. If an interesting blog gets shared with other readers (or, better still, posted on social media), there will be even more organic traffic driven to the company’s site. This, in turn, can result in a higher ranking on Google, which means that the site will likely get a lot more attention, leading to a potential increase in sales. So, companies can enjoy a potential uptick in sales as well as a larger online presence, all by maintaining an engaging and relevant blog page.

It’s likely MMJ and CBD products will only continue to gain more and more acceptance throughout the UK, making right now the ideal time for UK CBD companies to invest in quality blogs in order to increase sales, improve customer engagement, and provide a more well-rounded customer experience.


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