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Why Startups Should Outsource Content Creation

by | May 28, 2019

Getting a startup off the ground is no mean feat. There are a thousand and one things to think of and, for the first year at least, the intensity will be ramped up to extreme levels. At this stage in the game, content creation is usually far down the list of priorities; other things take precedence, such as hiring, training, brand, structure, etc. However, neglecting content creation at this crucial juncture is a mistake. Doing it yourself is also potentially a mistake, unless you’re very proficient in content creation, and have the time to devote to it. The answer? Outsourcing.

The biggest advantage you gain from outsourcing is having an expert handle your content creation. The art of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a complicated one in 2019, and it requires a very safe pair of hands in order to wring out every benefit. It’s not simply a case of posting a few blog entries and blanket-bombing stock keywords. Also, don’t make the mistake of outsourcing simply because you’ve hit capacity. If you feel it’s inevitable that you’ll need to outsource content creation at some point in the future then do yourself a favour and start at ground zero. This will ensure your content is streamlined, specific and unified.


PepperStorm Media - startup outsource content creation

One way to ensure you get time to put your feet up when running a startup is by outsourcing your content creation.


In the long run, outsourcing will also save you money. A study conducted by Intetics concluded that outsourcing can potentially save companies up to 60% in overhead costs. Why is this the case? Simply put, it can lead to very high levels of productivity at reduced costs. There’s no need to spend the time or money hiring the right person in-house, or training up an employee to be proficient in content creation. A third-party can get to work on your project right away, applying all their knowledge and expertise immediately. Meanwhile, you reap the benefits while keeping costs down. For a startup, presenting a professional, dynamic array of content right off the bat can be just the impetus required to reach greater heights.

As well as saving you money, outsourcing will also save on your most vital commodity: time. Time is the thing you’re going to wish you had more of during your startup days. It’s truly invaluable. So many things will demand your attention that outsourcing seems like an obvious play, especially when you factor in that it’s also cost-effective. Even if you have it all mapped out, there are bound to be teething problems in the first few months of a business (and yes, we mean any business!). Ensuring that your content creation is being handled by people who know what they’re doing will give you peace of mind in the midst of all the pressure.

Running a startup is definitely exciting, but it only continues to be exciting if everything is going well. Give yourself the best chance at keeping things exciting by outsourcing your content creation.


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