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Why WooCommerce Sites Need Regular Blogs To Increase Online Visibility

by | Nov 23, 2021

Woo! Commerce. Who doesn’t love a bit of commerce? Especially when its mercurial golden scales are tip-tip-tipping in your favour. But how can you stack the deck to move those scales? First off, you should probably get your metaphors straight. Second, if you’re using the awesome WooCommerce platform, you definitely need a blog to go with it. Woo! Blogs!



Can I Have A Blog On My WooCommerce Site?


What is WooCommerce, exactly? Simply put, it’s an e-commerce plugin for website-building titan WordPress. It’s gained quick popularity amongst companies and sole traders for its simplicity and ease of use, and it currently helps thousands upon thousands of e-commerce sites conduct their business.

So now you’re thinking, “Yes, I know what it is. Now I want to know how to attract more customers to my WooCommerce website.” The answer, friend, is blogging in the wind.

At this stage, you should know how important a blog is to your site. It provides a platform for keywords, keeps your customers in the loop, positions you as an industry expert, increases ranking – all that good stuff. And it’s gotta be sticky. However, what you might not know is that you can easily incorporate a blog into your WooCommerce site, thanks to it being part of the WordPress software! Woo! Handy!


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Does my WooCommerce site need a blog? Yes! And all these people are cheering you on to get one. Woo!


How Do I Create A WooCommerce Blog?


The process of creating the blog is pretty straightforward. Simply fire one up on the WooCommerce interface using the WordPress back-end and you’re away.

Blogs are the ultimate window-dressing for your product or service, so make sure that you put a decent amount of time and energy into creating them. Plus, they’re easily shareable, so more people can spread them around and get the word out for you. Woo! Shareability!



Will My Blogs Help My WooCommerce Site?


Yes, they absolutely will – for all the reasons listed above and more. Most importantly, Google rewards consistency. Make sure you’re consistent with your blog and Google will reward you with higher placement in its rankings. Most successful commerce sites generally post about six to eight times a month. Whatever ratio you decide on, make sure you stick to it.

To keep Lord Google happy, you should also cram your online musings full of long-tail keywords. And don’t forget to keep the quality up! You need blogs that add value to your readers’ lives, not a mishmash of vaguely relevant terms that you’ve thrown together to connect a string of keywords.

And don’t worry. If you’re not comfortable wielding the proverbial (digital) pen, then we can certainly help you out. We know how to make each and every blog count and we’re not afraid to use that power. Woo! Self-plug!


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