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How A Monthly Newsletter Can Increase Engagement And Sales

by | Feb 19, 2019

In the era of digital commerce, communicating with your clients is paramount. A dynamic and well-written blog can provide a strong foundation for an online company, but ideally it should be doubled up with a monthly newsletter; this will give you the opportunity to access your clients and potential customers directly. With a blog, it’s hard to track exactly who’s reading your posts. When it comes to newsletters however, you can deliver streamlined info straight into your mailing list’s inbox. This line of direct communication should be utilised to maximum effect.

If your blog is your primary source of content regarding your business, a newsletter is the perfect vehicle to direct customers and clients towards your articles. These monthly dispatches give you the opportunity to link to the most engaging or relevant posts in your blog. As you direct more people to your website, you’ll see and increase in traffic that will boost your SEO. As long as you’re directing people towards quality content, the majority of visitors will keep coming back for more. Keeping your blog in tip-top condition is vital to a successful marketing strategy; putting out a number of engaging and exciting posts a month gives you the opportunity to put the very best content in your newsletter.

Like everyone nowadays, your customers are probably busy people with busy lives – now and again, they might need reminding that you exist. Don’t take this personally, as it’s the nature of the medium; there’s so much content on the internet that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. A newsletter can help you cut through the noise, delivering your brand and message straight to your customer’s inboxes. A timely reminder might be all you need to drum up some new business, while keeping yourself fresh and current is an absolute necessity in the crowded digital commerce landscape.


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Newsletters provide an opportunity to tailor bespoke content about your brand and deliver it straight to your customers’ inboxes.


Your company will also be evolving over time, especially if you’re a new business or a start-up. In these cases, blogs are crucial for keeping your customers informed about new products, offers, opening hours, membership renewals and everything in between. Bear in mind that your customers won’t want to be bombarded with info 24/7; a monthly newsletter is the perfect option for most companies. It keeps you fresh in your clients’ minds while not overloading them with information. If you provide genuinely engaging content, your mailing list will look forward to your monthly dispatches, which puts a positive face on your brand or business. A newsletter is just one tool in your digital content arsenal, but it’s a crucial one; keeping a line of direct communication open with your customers will be the foundation of your long-term success.


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