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Why Releasing An eBook Could Be The Right Choice For Your Company

by | Mar 5, 2019

When you think of eBooks, you usually picture struggling authors valiantly attempting to get their masterpiece novel recognised by the general public. But eBooks are not solely the realm of starving artists and niche specialists; anyone can create one, and they come in handy for a number of different ventures. An eBook doesn’t have to be the end goal – it can be part of a larger strategy. Utilised correctly, an eBook can be of great value to an online company or start-up business. While releasing one might seem like a left field approach at first, it can ultimately be a great companion to your toolbox of online content.

The number one weapon in your arsenal is undoubtedly your blog; killer content on your company blog is the single best online presence you and your company can present to the world. However, a blog on its own is not enough. Supporting it with a quality monthly newsletter is a great idea, as is producing your very own eBook for customers and potential clients. This might seem like a big task to take on first, but the idea is not to think of it as a book per se, but rather a catalogue, brochure or promotional material for your online business.

You can easily outsource the work to a professional content creation company. It’s advisable to do this with your entire content roster, blog, newsletter and all, as doing them yourself can severely drain company resources month to month. Seeking out someone who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to online promotion is also advisable, as you’ll need all the help you can get to stand out.


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An eBook can be one of the most effective marketing tools at your disposal – just make sure the content is perfect before you start sharing!


Once you’ve created your eBook, you don’t necessarily have to sell it; you can put it online for free, with the idea that people will share it, linking to your website and thus boosting your SEO in the process (just make sure it’s short, sweet and engaging). You can give it away to high-value customers, or package it with a certain deal or offer. Remember, you’re not looking to make money off the eBook in a direct sense; it’s not a case of putting it on Amazon and hoping the buys roll in. You should think about using it primarily as a promotional tool. An eBook gives you a platform to push your marketing message and expertise. You can go into more detail than you can in a blog or newsletter, and also provide more in-depth content to your customers.

But the main thing is making sure your eBook is high-quality; you’ll do more damage in the long run if you rush it. Once you’ve created the best eBook you can, getting it out there is the fun part!


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