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The Power Of Positivity In Your Copy

by | Sep 1, 2020

It’s a sad fact that no one likes a pessimist. Not even the pessimist themselves. It’s also a sad fact that pessimism hasn’t been the greatest selling tool, historically. In fact, just talking about pessimism is probably putting you off reading the rest of this article…

So let’s switch it up! Positive energy is crucial when it comes to selling your services or products. But are you harnessing enough of the power of positivity in your copy?



How To Harness The Power Of Positive Copywriting


At the risk of repelling you even more, let’s give you an example of dull, sullen writing. See how much you’re energised by it…

Here’s a blog I worked hard on. I hope it’s good, but it’s difficult for me to tell, because I never really like my own work. It probably won’t even be read by a lot of people anyway, so I suppose it doesn’t really matter.

Are you chomping at the bit for the next sentence? No, of course you’re not. We got bored just typing it.

Here’s how you might reframe the above with a bit of dynamism…

So thrilled to finally be able to share this blog! I’ve spent so much time researching and writing it. I’m hoping it can reach as many people as possible and if it changes the way just one person thinks about the world then my job as a writer is done!

Much better.



Psychology-Based Tips To Improve Your Copywriting


Employing a clear, positive, upbeat tone in your copy will energise your readers and make them more partial to the soft suggestions you put forward in your blog. It’s important to remember that, at the end of the day, your blog is a selling tool. Sure, it can be a showcase for strong, engaging writing. But it also has to work for you and your business.

It also represents your business. For many customers, it will be the first thing about you that they encounter. Maybe the only thing. You only get one chance at a first impression; if you come across negative, there’s a good chance people won’t want anything to do with you.

Science shows that people are attracted to positivity. You don’t have to go all happy-clappy on ’em; feel free to use some humour, slang words, shorthand – anything that helps the reader come away with a positive sentiment towards your brand.


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The only thing that we’re positive about is that we want to hit that yellow toy on the head with a brick.



Positive Framing In Copywriting


Positive framing is a useful little tool for copywriting; basically, it reframes a statement or suggestion in a positive light, describing something tangible and achievable as opposed to focusing on absence and confrontation.


For example (Jacoby, Nelson, & Hoyer, 1982):

NEGATIVE: Don’t you dare be late.
POSITIVE: Do your best to arrive on time.

NEGATIVE: Don’t drink excessively.
POSITIVE: Drink responsibly.

NEGATIVE: Don’t use negative framing in your blog copy.
POSITIVE: Use positive framing in your blog copy.


We actually use more mental resources to process negative framing, so they reduce overall comprehension as well as making your readers feel somewhat deflated.

These are just a few copywriting tips based on psychology, but the overall message is a simple one: be positive! You should know instinctively the tone of your writing, so just decide how you’re going to frame your topic before you start. And if all that fails, just throw in an exclamation mark on every other sentence! Works every time!*

* Disclaimer: It will not work every time.


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