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The absolute best way to enhance your photography site’s SEO is to:

🔑  Establish the correct keyword strategy (you need to put the right search terms so that your ideal audience can find your website)

🖊️  Regular, high-quality blog articles (inform and engage your audience while placing more long-tail keywords on your site every week)

We’ve put together a selection of bundles that do exactly that. 👇

Which is best for me?

✨ Each of these packages includes a free SEO Planning Session (value $395) with our SEO & UX expert to plan out your SEO strategy for the next 12 months! ✨


Start Your Engines - $625 ⚙️


🖊️ 1 x 750-word How-To Article

🖊️ 1 x 1000-word Info Guide

🖊️ 1 x 1500-word Listicle/Location Guide

📅 Free SEO Planning Session (value $395)

Get things kicked off with three essential blogs that offer valuable insight to your audience while targeting your keyword strategy around your main location.

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We Have Lift Off - $975 🚀


🖊️🖊️ 2 x 500-word Venue/Service Guides

🖊️ 1 x 750-word How-To Article

🖊️ 1 x 1000-word Listicle/Location Guide

🖊️ 1 x 2000-word Deep Dive on a Location/Service 

📅 Free SEO Planning Session (value $395)

Establish a strong SEO foundation and your reputation as a local expert in your key location – your website visitors will see you as someone they can trust.

*Buy Now and Save $395*


To The Stratosphere - $1475 🛸


🖊️🖊️ 2 x 500-word Venue/Service Guides

🖊️ 1 x 750-word How-To Article

🖊️ 1 x 1000-word How-To/Short Listicle

🖊️🖊️ 2 x 1500-word Listicle/Location Guide

🖊️ 1 x 2000-word Deep Dive on a Location/Service

📅 Free SEO Planning Session (value $395)

Place a couple of gallons of rocket fuel in your SEO tanks by DOMINATING your main location with these super-useful, keyword-rich articles.

*Buy Now and Save $395*


Brendan Creaser SEO Results - Autumn Weddings On The Mornington Peninsula
Brendan Creaser SEO Results - Engagement Shoot On The Mornington Peninsula
Brendan Creaser SEO Results - Sustainable Wedding Venue On The Mornington Peninsula
Brendan Creaser SEO Results - Epicurean Red Hill Wedding


Dominate Local Area!

Brendan Creaser came to Pepperstorm with the aim of dominating the Mornington Peninsula SEO results and generating more organic searches for his site.

We began posting the blogs in November 2022 and by Feb 2023 they had already achieved impressive results, boosting Brendan’s SEO and generating a huge amount of organic enquiries.

Top-Ranking Blog Post For His Targeted Area - Receiving 500+ Organic Views Per Month

Increased Website Views - Over 1000 Per Month

1st Page Google Ranking For Several Of His Blogs (Some Are The Top Result)

New Passive Lead Generation Pipeline Via Increased Organic Search Traffic

Organic Leads Means That He's Able To Move Away From Constant Social Media Promotion

In the middle of 2022 I was encouraged by my business coach to write a blog a week for 52 weeks! We knew it would do amazing things for my local SEO and was going to shape my long term marketing strategy. I was so excited and motivated I got planning straight away.

Then I realised…. Boy do I find writing challenging. I would sit at my computer for hours just thinking…. Write a sentence…. Delete it….. think again. I hated it! My work was piling up AND I wasn’t getting any closer to my goal.

That’s when I reached out to David from Pepperstorm and I told them my plan. Not only did they jump at the chance, they came back to me with a structured idea which included cornerstone blog posts, long form content and shorter form content. All of which they said would work so well together.

Well, within months of starting I have a top ranking blog post for my area that gets over 500 organic views per month and what seems like every day my blog posts are ranking higher and higher. I now receive over 1000 website views a month and have built a lead generation workflow off of it.

Oh yeah.. Did I mention that I’m probably only half way through too?

Cheers to the legends at Pepperstorm for helping me out with this so much. I’ve been able to transition away from constant social media posts for lead generation and move towards a longer term google led strategy because of them. Cheers ✌️

Brendan Creaser

Wedding Photographer

Blogging For Photographers

Our editorial team have helped hundreds of photographers hit the top spots on Google…

…all while providing valuable and insightful content for their audiences.

Here’s how.



Social media image
Social media image

Expert Editorial Team

We’ve built a team of writers who specialise in photography and are well-versed in industry knowledge and jargon.


We’ll conduct independent research in addition to any information that you provide.

Keyword Strategy

We use a variety of SEO tools to work out exactly which long-tail keywords you need to rank for and include 5-15+ in each blog post.

Competitor Keyword Research

We find out which keywords your competitors are targeting and learn how you can compete for their rankings while taking advantage of lesser-targeted keywords and phrases.

Social Media Captions

Snappy, branded captions with hashtags and venue handles for every blog, so you can copy, paste and post.


Our editor will upload each blog to the back-end of your site, meaning you’re hands-free until you want to hit ‘Publish’.

SEO & Copy Tools

We use Grammarly, Hemingway, Jspell, Ahrefs, etc. to make sure that all content is in tip-top condition.

Shared Templates

We’ll share Article Templates with you before we begin to ensure we’re targeting all of the correct information.


We take care of all of the SEO-friendly formatting (H1 headers, Tags, Categories, etc.) – all the good stuff that Google loves!

Breezy Photography - SEO Results Yukon Weddings
Breezy Photography - SEO Results Wedding Vendors BC
Breezy Photography - SEO Results Yukon
Breezy Photography - SEO Results Destination Elopement Canada


1st Page Results From Blogging!

Nassim from Breezy Photography is one of an army of clients who hired Pepperstorm to help her reach the top spot on Google via SEO-charged blog posts.

We’ve created several Blog Packages for her site over the last few years that cover a variety of different styles and word counts.

She’s now ranking as the No. 1  slot for several of her targeted keywords, generating organic traffic and passive leads.


Several Top-Ranking Blog Posts For Her Targeted Area

First Spot Ranking For 'Get Married' and 'Wedding Vendor' Keywords In Her Targeted Area

1st Page Google Ranking For Several Blogs

More Passive Leads Means That She Can Spend More Time Focusing On Photography Rather Than Promotion

Her First-Page Results Span Two Canadian Territories (British Columbia & Yukon)

These guys are simply phenomenal. They are organized, detail-oriented, adaptable to your needs and wants, they offer thorough and helpful advice, not to mention they are incredibly down-to-earth and friendly.

I wanna give a huge shoutout to David for always welcoming my SEO-related questions with such patience and kindness, and being so prompt and informative when getting back to me.

I had no doubt that they would do a great job, but they went above and beyond my expectations.

Choosing them has been essential to boosting my confidence and giving me peace of mind that I am setting my business up for great things and reaching my goals.

I could go on about how grateful I am that I found them, but you’ll just have to see how awesome they are for yourself!

Nassim Pezeshkzad

Breezy Photography

SEO Planning Session

We’ve worked with hundreds of creative businesses and helped them to achieve first-page results with our SEO services and strategy sessions.

Let us show you how to buy back time through passive lead generation!

Social media image
Social media image

Mentoring Call

Our SEO expert will jump on an in-depth call and advise you on how exactly to optimise and maintain your SEO throughout the year.

Content Strategy

We’ll brainstorm titles and topics and advise on how to create consistent streams of high-quality content to generate passive sales leads.

Passive Sales Strategy

We’ll discuss your budget and tailor appropriate services and/or advise on how you can personally enhance your SEO & passive sales strategy.

SEO Resources

You’ll receive a tailored list of online resources to help you to boost SEO for your specific industry.

Tracking Progress

You’ll also receive How-To Guides for expediting, tracking and measuring your SEO progress.

Content & SEO Calendar

We’ll create a strategic calendar for your brand that you can implement throughout the year, focusing on website optimisation, blog content and keyword strategy.

Ready to give your site the SEO boost it deserves?

Pepperstorm have been amazing in writing relevant blogs for my wedding photography website.

They have lots of industry knowledge and work really hard to create a personalised tone which sounds like it’s been written by me.

They have extensive knowledge of SEO and know how to make your blogs shine on Google results.

Their communication is top notch and they took on board all of my feedback to make sure the blogs were perfect. I’d highly recommend them for any copywriting service you might need!

Katy Durn

Wedding & Elopement Photographer

SEO is how clients find your site…which makes it the MOST important element of online discovery.

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