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David from Pepperstorm & Judith Stoop

Dave, Judith & The Educators (great name for a band…) in Jerez de la Frontera, Sep 2023 ☝️ 🇪🇸 🧑‍🏫

Hello! And hello!!

That’s a double welcome from me and the wonderfully talented photographer Judith Stoop, who I met at an Educators Retreat in Spain in September 2023.

We became fast friends, chatting about our different experiences of working in the photography industry – the highs, the lows, the pain points and the OUTSTANDING WINS 🚀

Judith told me that email templates have been an absolute game-changer for her business in terms of securing more bookings – and that offering Styled Shoots can immediately level up photographers’ businesses in terms of revenue AND attracting the right kind of clients…

What happened next?

We set about creating the PERFECT bundle for any photographer wanting to:

– Save time ⏱️

– Increase sales 🚀

– Enhance their service and attract dream clients 🤩

…so every photographer, amirite?!

More info below – or just grab yours right now 👉

Cos professional sharpshooters always shoot first and ask questions later.


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What’s in the bundle? 🎁

‘Done For You’ Christmas & New Year Email Templates

We know what it’s like during the festive season – mad-dash present buying, hectic meal timings PLUS having to schedule recovery from an NYE-sized hangover… 😅

However, this is also a fantastic opportunity to kickstart 2024 with a MASSIVE BOOST in bookings for your photography business!

Our ‘Done For You’ Email Templates are tailored towards couples you’ve worked with in the past year (or before) to thank them for their business, wish them a happy festive season – and encourage them to book a Couples Shoot next year!

In a matter of minutes, you can copy, paste & edit the text – then go and eat your bodyweight in festive food while your 2024 calendar gets PACKED OUT 💸 📅

New Year’s Couples Photoshoot - Free Email Template For Photographers
Styled Shoot Briefing Guide

Styled Shoot Briefing Guide

Styled shoots aren’t just a creative hobby – they’re a game-changer for professionals in the industry.

From photographers to planners, participating in editorial shootings offers a platform to showcase our skills and build a standout portfolio.

Why wait around for the perfect wedding to come to you?

Let’s put together your dream portfolio so that you can find your ideal clients today!

Wanna save time AND boost sales?

* Sometimes emails end up in Spam. C’est la vie. Remember to check!

Here’s a BIG thank you…

…from Judith, Dave & the Pepperstorm team!

We hope that you love your templates and that they save you a ton of time and energy that you can then spend building and growing your business (or just chilling out with cute dogs in the park – Dave’s preference 🐶 ❤️ 👉).

We’d love to hear any feedback or questions, so just drop us an email or DM at:



🙌 🙌 🙌

Judith Stoop & David from Pepperstorm

Plenty more where that came from…

2024 will see Pepperstorm move into  D O M I N A T E  the education space, starting with the launch of our online course: Website Copywriting & SEO for Photographers: Made Really F*cking Easy

and open an online shop full of email templates, social content calendars and all sorts of goodies for our favourite industry 📸

What does it mean?

Well, we’re going to be giving a way a ton more freebies stuff like this from now until, uh, forever…

…and we’d LOVE to keep you updated with all of the offers and discounts!

Start by grabbing your free Done For You Email Templates + Styled Shoot Briefing Guide at the email sign-up box below!

Then you’ll be the first to receive news of any new freebies that are tailored specifically to your industry.

Dave & The Pepperstorm Team


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