Image Optimisation

Filling your site with beautiful pictures is a fantastic way to showcase your work and make each page as aesthetically pleasing as possible…

…however, unless your images are properly optimised then they could be dragging your SEO waaaaaay down.

The good news is that optimising your images is an easy (yet time-consuming) process. And if your site has a lot of images (lookin’ at you, photographers) then it’s important to start sooner rather than later.

Give yourself an SEO edge over your competitors by making sure all of your images are fully optimised for size, loading speed and searchability.

Image Optimisation Service

What’s Included?

Every Image Optimisation service package includes:

Social media image
Social media image

Alt Text

Updating your alt text so that Google can identify and prioritise your images in its search results.


Writing clear and precise descriptions to help search engines describe your images.

File Names

Updating all of your image file names from the dreaded flpu-2575.jpg to a more SEO-friendly and searchable label.

Keyword Strategy

Incorporating your location-based keyword strategy into the alt text and descriptions to enhance your SEO.

Image Crunching

Reduce the size of any large image files while retaining the quality to improve site speed and UX.

Optimisation Guide

A step-by-step guide on how to optimise your images so you can keep up all the good work!


The price depends on how many images are on your site. We work with sites with a minimum of 20 images – if your site has fewer than 20 images, just get in touch and we’ll show you how to optimise them yourself for free!

* Example Pricing: For a site with 50 images, the fee is $495 USD.

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