July 2024: Branding Bundle

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In a creative business: Brand. Is. EVERYTHING.



Picture this: A potential client is deciding between you and a dozen competitors who offer similar services.

What’s going to make them choose you?

The story you tell, and the way that you tell it.

In other words, your brand.

⚡SUPERCHARGE⚡ your biz this month with a full brand audit & shareable resources written in your ideal voice.

🎁 There’s also FREE Photographer Brand Voice eBook at the bottom of the page! 🎁


Easy as 1, 2, 3… 👇

Nicole will bring all of her marketing expertise & experience to the branding session and learn everything about your biz.


We'll use this info to create PDF guides & blogs in your ideal brand voice.


Use them as lead magnets and/or client nurturing resources to spread your brand message while you sleep.

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“Pepperstorm were so easy to work with, prompt with their responses to any questions and completely nailed my brand’s voice.

Cannot recommend them enough and will definitely be working with them in the future!

Maddy Bell

Wedding Photographer

The best thing?


These articles and PDFs are evergreen. A gift that keeps giving…forever!  Ready to take a peek? 👀

What’s Inside Your Bundle… 


Hit the tabs to see what’s in store!

🏷️ Branding Session

Our Branding Sessions have helped hundreds of creative biz owners level up to attract the kind of clientele that they like LOVE to work with!

Nicole & the editorial team will:

☎️ Mentoring Call – Jump on a deep-dive talk to discuss how to tailor your brand to your business goals & services.

📣 Brand Tone – Create the perfect brand tone in a piece of ‘About Me’ copy that you can implement throughout your website, social & email copy.

🔎 Identify Dream Clientele – Discuss your services, location & audience demographic to understand exactly who to target.

📈 Brand Strategy – Create brand guidelines for your online presence by defining your font, colour palettes and essential comms.

💬 Essential Comms – Define how you describe yourself & your brand while discussing how to promote your Unique Selling Points, boilerplate messaging, etc.

📝 Brand Audit – Highlight the current strengths & weaknesses of your brand with suggestions on how to improve each area.

🏷️ What To Expect PDF

This is one piece of content that will give and give!

✨ We’ll create a 5-page ‘What To Expect’ PDF that you can use as a lead magnet or onboarding resource that will do a bunch of client nurturing before they even get in touch.

✨ Nicole will use the info from your Branding Session to describe your style (what it’s like to work with you on the day, your process, etc.).

✨ We’ll take care of everything, including creating, editing and then uploading the approved copy to our suggested template in Canva (unless you’d prefer to use your own template in which case we can work with that).

Then you’ll simply add your own logo and any design tweaks and start sharing!

🏷️ Pricing Guide PDF

The way that you present your prices will often makes or breaks a sale … therefore it’s soooo important to get right!

✨ Lots of photographers and creative businesses don’t want to show their prices on their site – or they do, but they also want to explain them in detail.

✨ We’ll work with you to understand your pricing, services, different options, type of client, etc. so that we can communicate your prices with purpose.

✨ Nicole will take this info to the editorial team and who will create a fully branded 5-page PDF written in your ideal tone that you can send to prospective clients or place as a downloadable resource on your site.

We’ll take care of everything – all you have to do is add your logo/branding colours and it’s READY TO ROCK!

🏷️ Branding Blogs

Add in some brand-focused blogs focused on a specific location/service to give valuable content to your audience, boost your SEO and host your new branded PDFs as lead magnets!

Here’s what you’ll get:

✨  2000-word Deep Dive article, e.g. ‘Guide To Getting Married In [Location]’, including top venues & vendors including a photographer*

* That’s you!

✨  1000-word How-To article, e.g. “How To Plan An Epic 2-Day Adventure Elopement” providing useful timeline and planning tips.

* Then a CTA to book you for their photography and JOB DONE!

✨  500-word spotlight on a venue or vendor that seamlessly fits your style.

* Making it a no-brainer to book you together!


(This one-two punch of blogs and PDFs is gonna knock your lead gen outta the park 🏟️)

🏷️ Social Content Calendar for Photographers

📅  Month-by-month content planning, focusing on promoting your photography business and engaging with your audience

📸  A selection of curated images for Grid Inspo that will save tons of time when planning your calendar

✍️  A range of potential captions to copy, paste & edit in your brand tone

…and a bunch more!

Social content inspo delivered to your inbox every month to save you a TON of time!

Which bundle suits your goals?

✨ We’ve put together three options to suit your budget and biz goals. ✨

– Brand Ready is an ideal place to start, with a full Branding Session & What to Expect PDF.

– Brand Steady levels up with the addition of a fully branded Pricing Guide.

– Brand GO! adds 3 x brand-focused blogs to generate organic traffic, provide value for your audience AND create a funnel for clients to download your PDFs!

🏁 Brand Ready 🏁

1 x Branding Session

1 x What To Expect PDF

3-month Social Content Calendar Subscription

Normal Price: $945 USD

Your Price: $795 USD


🏃 Brand Steady 🏃

1 x Branding Session

1 x What To Expect PDF

✨ 1 x Pricing Guide PDF

3-month Social Content Calendar Subscription

Normal Price: $1290 USD

Your Price: $1090 USD


💨 Brand GO! 💨

1 x Branding Session

1 x What To Expect PDF

✨ 1 x Pricing Guide PDF

✨ 3 x Blogs (1 x 2000, 1 x 1000, 1 x 500-word) + Social Captions

✨ 6-month Social Content Calendar Subscription

Normal Price: $2025 USD

Your Price: $1725 USD


This offer's only clinging on until July!

What Can You Expect When You Work With Pepperstorm?

  1. Full pricing transparency AND package flexibility to suit your individual needs – what you see is what you get!
2. An adaptive workflow that suits you and fits cleanly into your calendar
3. Unrivalled aftercare that guarantees you get the utmost value out of our partnership for years to come  

You’ll Be A Great Fit If…

1. You feel as if your brand could use a kickstart or glow-up and you want to make sure your brand voice is consistent across your platforms.

2. You need a new or updated PDF guide that will help potential clients understand your brand, style & process.

3. You’d love guidance on the type of content strategy that will attract your ideal type of clients!

Wondering How The Process Works?


To kick things off, you’ll immediately receive this month’s Social Content Calendar so you can start saving time IMMEDIATELY!

Then a friendly email from Nicole (hey!) to grab some more info about where your business is at and where you want to be – so we know what you need to get there.


Nicole will be your contact* throughout this whole project, liaising between you and the editorial team.

* Or as many previous & current clients have described her, ‘my new BFF’.

She’ll set up the Branding Session at a time that suits you and discuss everything listed in the section above to supercharge your brand!

And then:

The famous Brand Voice Process! (The one you’ve read about in our testimonials.)

We’ll pick the most suitable writer from our team to create 3 x About Me paragraphs in distinct brand voices, e.g. 1) Romantic/Poetic/Ethereal, 2) Adventurous/Intrepid/Leader, 3) Funny/Cheeky/Best Friend.

We’ll share them in a Google Doc and you’ll give us feedback on your favourite parts.

If we’ve nailed it with one of them, awesome. More than likely, you’ll like elements from each and so we’ll keep re-editing until we get that perfect Brand Voice paragraph that truly represents you and your brand.

We’ll use this tone to complete your branded PDFs!


Our editorial team will sharpen their pencils and start a-writin’!

PDFs – Nicole will liaise between you and the editorial team to make sure we have the perfect copy before uploading it to our template and sending it across for you to add your logo and any colour changes!

Blogs – We use Article Templates and shared Google Docs to make sure we target every point you want to highlight and nothing gets uploaded without your greenlight.

Turnaround time – Your PDFs (and first blog, if you go for ‘Brand GO!’) will be ready within 10 days of getting your greenlight on the template.

We’ll create/upload everything, so all you have to do is add your logo/brand colours (then hit ‘Publish’ on the blogs) and the content is ready for the world (read: your ideal clients) to enjoy  😉

And then? Relax. Your brand is now doing the hard work for you.

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How Our Brand Services Wowed Julie...

The team at Pepperstorm completely re-did all of the copy & SEO on my website and I couldn’t be happier!

They also created a tag line for my brand that fits perfectly.

Working with Dave and Nicole was amazing from the first email, they were professional, prompt and had a lot of great ideas.

I am going to continue to work with them and I would highly recommend Pepperstorm.

Julie Dorge

Wedding Photographer, Quesnel, Canada

Why Our Clients Keep Coming Back 🫶

Pepperstorm have been amazing in writing relevant blogs for my wedding photography website. They have lots of industry knowledge and work really hard to create a personalised tone which sounds like it’s been written by me. They have extensive knowledge of SEO and know how to make your blogs shine on Google results. Their communication is top notch and they took on board all of my feedback to make sure the blogs were perfect. I’d highly recommend them for any copywriting service you might need!
Katy Durn

Wedding & Elopement Photographer, Australia

Not fond of writing? Then I can highly recommend Pepperstorm!

They really work hard on understanding what type of results you want, and then put it into action.

I had a really good experience with them rewriting the text on my website and writing new blog posts!

They have made a lot of great content for me!!”

Endre Hilleren, Eloping In Norway

Elopement Photographer, Norway

The fabulous team at Pepperstom put together a lovely set of listicles for my blog. The process was simple and straightforward and all that was required of me was to provide a few dot points of information that I would like to get across. The results have been really positive and it’s great to see some first page results for listicles that Pepperstorm have generated. Thanks so much guys, looking forward to getting my next batch done shortly!
Kieran Smith, Rexvil Photography

Wedding Photographer, Adelaide, SA

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