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Advertise. Magnetise. Galvanise.

Visitors = Great.

Leads = SOOO Much Better!


Your audience already love your images.

They probably already love your brand.

Even so, they won’t necessarily just hand over their email address

…you have to give them a reason.

So let’s do exactly that.

Presenting your audience with a quality Lead Magnet & Blog combo that’s tailored to their needs & desires is like dangling a 💎 in front of a Kardashian … you know they’re gonna grab it.

Start converting your site traffic & social followers into hot, hot leads 🔥


Let the Pepperstorm team create… 👇

A multi-page PDF Lead Magnet(s) written in your brand voice 🧲

A batch of SEO-charged blogs focusing on your target subject/location ✍️

Sticky social captions that draw readers to your content 🤳

All wrapped up in a neat little bundle with a free content calendar 📅

Here's how it works...

Choose a specialist subject (a location, service, etc.) that will interest your ideal clients…


We’ll create blogs and a PDF Guide (the 🧲) in your brand voice that focuses on this subject & displays your expertise…


Place an email-access download link on each relevant blog (and across your site & socials!)…


Share links to the blogs & PDF on social using our tailored captions as inspo…


Everyone who downloads your PDF has:

1) Become familiar with your brand & expertise

2) Shown an interest in your specialist subject

3) Given you their email address!

I cannot thank the team at Pepperstorm enough!

They saw what I was struggling with, listened to what I was looking for and DELIVERED TENFOLD! 

I am so happy I found them & cannot wait to tell everyone about them

They helped me so much with my SEO on my website that I am seeing an increase in inquiries along with a higher ranking on google searches.

I cannot wait to work with them more in the future on my blog posts!

Thank you Pepperstorm!

Brittany Ford

Wedding Photographer, New York

Wanna know the best thing?

  These articles and PDFs are evergreen, with the blogs’ SEO increasing your site’s visibility for your chosen keywords.  A gift that keeps giving…forever! Ready to take a peek? 👀

What’s Inside Your Bundle… 


Let’s get that inbox overflowing!

🧲 PDF Lead Magnets 🧲

Deliver incredible value to your audience with a super swipe-able freebie! ✨

We’ll take care of everything, including:

🧐 Helping you decide which subject(s) to focus on and advising on the right style of PDF, e.g. a service guide, a location overview, a how-to guidebook, etc.

✍️ Writing impactful & engaging copy in your brand tone

📄 Uploading the approved copy to our suggested Canva template (or we can work with your template)

Just add your logo & any design tweaks and it’s ready to rock!

Use this PDF in future promotions, newsletters, value-adds, gifts, competition prizes…it’ll never get old!

* We recommend 5 pages and 1000 words approx. per Lead Mag!

💎 Magnetising Blogs 💎

Position yourself as an expert with engaging & informative content that your audience will lap up…. ✨

Our editorial team will:

✍️ Create a selection of SEO-charged blogs based around your chosen subject/area(s)

🔑 Upload the approved copy to your site with full SEO so you are hands-free

⬇️ Place a download link on each article so that after the reader finishes, they will be primed to swipe your lead magnet

Job done!

These keyword-rich articles will help bring in that sweet, sweet organic traffic (read: free lead gen) to your site.

💎 Social Captions 💎

The perfect words to promote your new content on social! ✨

Our social team will create caption copy in your brand tone for:

🗞️ Each of the blogs

🧲 And the lead magnet(s)

…to incentivise your followers to read & download.

Copy & paste or edit them before posting – it’s up to you!

💎 Social Content Calendar For Photographers 💎

All of your social posts … done in a fraction of the time

📅  Month-by-month content planning, focusing on promoting your photography business and engaging with your audience

📸  A selection of curated images for Grid Inspo that will save tons of time when planning your calendar

✍️  A range of potential captions to copy, paste & edit in your brand tone

…and a bunch more!

Social content inspo delivered to your inbox every month to save you a TON of time!


1, 2, 3… Which bundle suits your goals?

✨ We’ve put together three options to suit your budget and biz goals.

Single Jingle is perfect to get this content strategy kickstarted

Double Bubble is ideal for displaying a serious breadth of knowledge about a subject

Triple Tipple is the one to go for in order to target multiple services or locations 

🔔 Single Jingle 🔔

1 x PDF Lead Magnet

1 x Social Caption for the Lead Magnet

3 x Blogs (1 x 1500, 1 x 1000, 1 x 500-word)

3 x Social Captions for the Blogs

3-month Social Content Calendar

$965 USD

Grab it today 👇

🫧 Double Bubble 🫧

✨ 2 x PDF Lead Magnets

✨ 2 x Social Captions for the Lead Magnet

✨ 6 x Blogs (2x 1500, 2 x 1000, 2 x 500-word)

✨ 6 x Social Captions for the Blogs

3-month Social Content Calendar

$1735 USD

(Extra $200 Saving) 👇

🥂 Triple Tipple 🥂

✨ 3 x PDF Lead Magnets

✨ 3 x Social Caption for the Lead Magnets

✨ 9 x Blogs (3 x 1500, 3 x 1000, 3 x 500-word)

✨ 9 x Social Captions for the Blogs

✨ 6-month Social Content Calendar

$2495 USD

(Extra $400 Saving) 👇

This offer's only clinging on until July!

What Can You Expect When You Work With Pepperstorm?

  1. Full pricing transparency AND package flexibility to suit your individual needs – what you see is what you get!
2. An adaptive workflow that suits you and fits cleanly into your calendar
3. Unrivalled aftercare that guarantees you get the utmost value out of our partnership for years to come  

You’ll Be A Great Fit If…

.1. You want to target one or a few specific locations (towns, cities, national parks, states, etc.) and you can share local knowledge & insight about these areas.

2. AND/OR You offer unique services (e.g. adventure elopement photography) and you have expertise & guidance to share.

3. You think that the location/service that you focus on will attract your ideal clientele and you want to convert visitors into leads!

Wondering How The Process Works?

First: saying hello


To kick things off, you’ll immediately receive this month’s Social Content Calendar along with an Onboarding Form so we can get cracking straight away!

Then a friendly email from Nicole (hey!) to grab some more info about where your business is at and where you want to be – so we know what you need to get there.

Next: Research Time


Once we’ve identified your target audience and business goals, Nicole will create a Keyword Doc packed with the perfect keywords for your SEO strategy (made from our chat and pro insights).

She’ll also create a Content Strategy and suggested Brand Tone (based on your current brand voice and any notes you give us) along with Article Titles and a concept for the PDF.

After we get your approval, you’re hands-free!

Last: Down to bizness


Our editorial team will sharpen their pencils and start a-writin’!

Blogs – We use Article Templates and shared Google Docs to make sure we target every point you want to highlight and nothing gets uploaded without your greenlight.

Lead Magnet – Nicole will liaise between you and the editorial team to make sure we have the perfect copy before uploading it to our template and sending it across for you to polish and publish!

Turnaround time – One round of Blogs + Lead Magnet will be ready within 2-3 weeks of getting your greenlight on the Article Template.

We’ll upload everything, so all you have to do is publish and promote 😉

And then? Sit back and start counting the knocks on your inbox door!

Let's Set You Up With The Right Bundle TODAY👇

☝️ Smash the button above to start today or send over an email and we’ll get straight back to you with next steps! ☝️

How Our Blog Services Wowed Brendan...

In the middle of 2022 I was encouraged by my business coach to write a blog a week for 52 weeks! We knew it would do amazing things for my local SEO and was going to shape my long term marketing strategy. I was so excited and motivated I got planning straight away.

Then I realised…. Boy do I find writing challenging. I would sit at my computer for hours just thinking…. Write a sentence…. Delete it….. think again. I hated it! My work was piling up AND I wasn’t getting any closer to my goal.

That’s when I reached out to David from Pepperstorm and I told them my plan. Not only did they jump at the chance, they came back to me with a structured idea which included cornerstone blog posts, long form content and shorter form content. All of which they said would work so well together.

Well, within months of starting I have a top ranking blog post for my area that gets over 500 organic views per month and what seems like every day my blog posts are ranking higher and higher. I now receive over 1000 website views a month and have built a lead generation workflow off of it.

Oh yeah.. Did I mention that I’m probably only half way through too?

Cheers to the legends at Pepperstorm for helping me out with this so much. I’ve been able to transition away from constant social media posts for lead generation and move towards a longer term google led strategy because of them.

Cheers ✌🏼

Brendan Creaser

Wedding Photographer, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria SA

Why Our Clients Keep Coming Back 🫶

Pepperstorm have been amazing in writing relevant blogs for my wedding photography website.

They have lots of industry knowledge and work really hard to create a personalised tone which sounds like it’s been written by me.

They have extensive knowledge of SEO and know how to make your blogs shine on Google results.

Their communication is top notch and they took on board all of my feedback to make sure the blogs were perfect.

I’d highly recommend them for any copywriting service you might need!

Katy Durn

Wedding & Elopement Photographer, Australia

Not fond of writing? Then I can highly recommend Pepperstorm!

They really work hard on understanding what type of results you want, and then put it into action.

I had a really good experience with them rewriting the text on my website and writing new blog posts!

They have made a lot of great content for me!!”

Endre Hilleren, Eloping In Norway

Elopement Photographer, Norway

The fabulous team at Pepperstom put together a lovely set of listicles for my blog.

The process was simple and straightforward and all that was required of me was to provide a few dot points of information that I would like to get across.

The results have been really positive and it’s great to see some first page results for listicles that Pepperstorm have generated.

Thanks so much guys, looking forward to getting my next batch done shortly!

Kieran Smith, Rexvil Photography

Wedding Photographer, Adelaide, SA

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