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Even in the hyper-competitive world of social media, email marketing is still king.

A regular newsletter gives you a valid reason to contact existing customers and remind them of your presence, while also connecting with new audiences on a regular basis.

We create newsletters that engage, inform and entertain your audience. 

Outsource newsletters

By linking to recent articles on your blog, the newsletter will encourage them to visit your site, explore your services and take advantage of your latest offers. This is where having a regularly updated blog comes in handy – after all, what good is a newsletter without any news?!

Our favourite platforms are Mad Mimi or MailChimp; however, we can work with any platform that you prefer. We can use existing templates or create fresh ones with your company’s branding.

Whether you have a small mailing list of customer emails or a massive audience, a regular newsletter is still the most reliable way to get tailored information in front of their eyes.

* We only offer newsletter services as part of a rolling monthly blog contract.

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