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Our Rolling Monthly blog package gives you the opportunity to supercharge your SEO while posting valuable content on a regular basis…


…and freeing up the time you were going to spend on content creation so that you can grow your business.

Content writing
Content writing

Why should I post regular blogs?

Boost SEO - Regular blogs allow you to place a wide range of keywords on your site, massively increasing its visibility.

Attract New Visitors - Potential customers discover your blog posts and then explore your site.

Boost Value - Give your audience a reason to return to your website every day/week/month.

Engage Your Audience - Demonstrate your expertise and provide education about your industry.

Make Sales - Explain why your latest product or service is something they can’t live without.

What’s Included?


Here’s What You Get With Our Rolling Monthly Blog Package

Pepperstorm will create a set amount of blogs for your site (we recommend a minimum of 3-4 articles per month) – we take care of the writing, editing, uploading & SEO so that you can go completely hands-free!

You’ll have your own Account Manager to help brainstorm which topics to focus on each month.

We’ll come up with a keyword strategy that’s in line with your content to ensure that we’re boosting SEO in your target locations while adding valuable content for your audience. Win-win!


We’ll create a custom quote based on your preferred article amount, style and word count – we’d love to help tailor a package, so say hi today!

Article Templates

We’ll create Article Templates that cover the title, keywords, URL, key points and send them to you to greenlight – you can also add any points you want us to focus on before we assign it to the team.


Our writers will perform in-depth research for your articles, from venue details to local information in the locations you want to target.


You’ll get everything mentioned here, including your own Account Manager who will relay between you and the editorial team and be your touchpoint for brainstorming & banter throughout the month 😊

Brand Voice
We’ll learn about your business and discuss what style you’d like us to adopt when writing your blog. And it goes without saying that all content will be 100% original.
Article Types

We can create a mix of any article styles that you prefer and you can always add articles on an ad hoc basis.


We also offer the option for 300-word newsletter copy that rounds up the information in the blogs each month. you can send this out to your mailing list with links to the blogs to encourage more clicks to your site.

Keyword Strategy

We’ll discuss which areas, locations, services, etc. that you want to target and make sure we have plenty of long-tail keywords on these subjects.


We will complete all of the back-end SEO, including meta descriptions, keywords, tags, categories, internal and external links, etc. so that every blog increases your chances of climbing the search engine rankings.


Gain Access To Our SEO-Supercharging Club!

Rolling Monthly clients become part of our Backlink Club, which offers a unique opportunity to supercharge your SEO.

Backlink Club members can exchange links with other creative business owners in order to enhance the online visibility of their sites. We take care of the whole process and will insert backlinks over targeted keywords within your blog posts (after gaining permission from both parties).

* We only connect clients who are not direct competitors and serve other areas/countries/or offer different services.


For Example…

Let’s say we have a Melbourne-based wedding photographer and a make-up artist in Sydney as Rolling Monthly clients:


  • We’d place the phrase ‘best wedding photographer in Melbourne’ in a relevant post on the make-up artist’s blog with a link to the photographer’s site.


  • In return, we’d place ‘hire a Sydney make-up artist’ in a post on the photographer’s blog with a link to the make-up artist’s site.


Quality backlinks are like gold dust for SEO. Learn why over on our blog: Why Building Quality Links Will Boost Your SEO.

* This service is exclusively for our Rolling Monthly clients and is offered at no additional charge. We facilitate everything and will get your greenlight before posting any links to/from your site.

Case Study


Brendan Creaser

Brendan Creaser is a leading Mornington Peninsula wedding photographer. He came to Pepperstorm with the aim of dominating the Mornington Peninsula SEO results and generating more organic searches for his site.

He set an ‘unrealistic’ goal of 1 blog per week for a year! So we started creating 8 blogs + 1 newsletter per month (with 4 Cornerstone Content pieces to begin with) over a 6-month period.

As Google rewards regular posting, we’ve created and scheduled a year’s worth of weekly blog posts for Brendan so they go live at the same time each week – the SEO value will continue to accumulate and bolster his already established position.

Brendan Creaser bio picture

So we began with 4 cornerstone content pieces based around the different seasons:

These deep-dive pieces serve as an excellent reference point for Brendan’s audience while offering the opportunity for internal links in all future posts, which boosts UX & SEO.

Brendan Creaser SEO Results - Autumn Weddings On The Mornington Peninsula
Brendan Creaser SEO Results - Engagement Shoot On The Mornington Peninsula
Brendan Creaser SEO Results - Sustainable Wedding Venue On The Mornington Peninsula
Brendan Creaser SEO Results - Epicurean Red Hill Wedding


We began posting the blogs in November 2022 and they’ve already achieved impressive results, boosting Brendan’s SEO and generating a huge amount of organic enquiries.

Top-Ranking Blog Post For His Targeted Area - Receiving 500+ Organic Views Per Month

Increased Website Views - Over 1000 Per Month

1st Page Google Ranking For Several Of His Blogs (Some Are The Top Result)

New Passive Lead Generation Pipeline Via Increased Organic Search Traffic

Organic Leads Means That He's Able To Move Away From Constant Social Media Promotion

In the middle of 2022 I was encouraged by my business coach to write a blog a week for 52 weeks! We knew it would do amazing things for my local SEO and was going to shape my long term marketing strategy. I was so excited and motivated I got planning straight away. Then I realised…. Boy do I find writing challenging. I would sit at my computer for hours just thinking…. Write a sentence…. Delete it….. think again. I hated it! My work was piling up AND I wasn’t getting any closer to my goal.
That’s when I reached out to David from Pepperstorm and I told them my plan. Not only did they jump at the chance, they came back to me with a structured idea which included cornerstone blog posts, long form content and shorter form content. All of which they said would work so well together.
Well, within months of starting I have a top ranking blog post for my area that gets over 500 organic views per month and what seems like every day my blog posts are ranking higher and higher. I now receive over 1000 website views a month and have built a lead generation workflow off of it. Oh yeah.. Did I mention that I’m probably only half way through too?
Cheers to the legends at Pepperstorm for helping me out with this so much. I’ve been able to transition away from constant social media posts for lead generation and move towards a longer term google led strategy because of them.
Cheers ✌🏼
Brendan Creaser

Wedding Photographer, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

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