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Sound Familiar?

🤩  I need to maintain an active social presence and keep my audience posted with relevant, fun & interesting updates

📸  Searching for daily inspo drains my energy and I struggle to focus on my actual job – BEING A PHOTOGRAPHER!!!

😬  Outsourcing to a Social Media Manager would be ideal … but a little too expensive right now

🤖 🔫  I want to make sure my posts sound like me (not an AI bot!)

The solution? We’ve got you. 👇

What’s inside?

📅  Month-by-month content planning, focusing on promoting your photography business and engaging with your audience

📸  A selection of curated images for Grid Inspo that will save tons of time when planning your calendar

✍️  A range of potential captions that you can copy, paste and edit in your brand tone

#️⃣  Hashtag Buckets to help your posts reach a wider audience

🚀  Calls-To-Action to incentivise your audience to make a purchase/get in touch

🪄  Tips & Tricks to help maximise engagement

July Content Planner
Social Media Grid Inspiration

Plan out your entire month in a matter of minutes with our Grid Inspo!

Social Media Post Planner

Simply copy, paste & edit our suggested Captions along with a  range of Calls-To-Action & Hashtags.

Social Media Post Planner copy

Our photography-related captions are designed to promote your business, along with Tips & Tricks to maximise engagement.

Client Review: Social Calendars

We tested these handy little timesavers in January and received an overwhelming response…

…with dozens of wedding photographers asking when the official service would be released so that they can relax knowing that social inspo is taken care of for the next year.

Social Content Calendar for Photogrpahers
I really like that you talk about the holidays that are coming up and ways to implement your imagery for it.

I also like the mixup of having reviews and tips and tricks. Also some notes to other photographers for those who are wanting to educate photographers.

For me, I always struggle with how to make copy sound more like my own voice to fit my style and I know some of these are just a little cheesy with words and all the emojis lol no shade though as I know, I can say whatever I’d like to and customize it however, it fits my personal voice.

I’m really excited for moving forward and I know that they’re gonna make so many people more accountable on their social media.

I will be using them, I find it helpful to have some thing like this to stem ideas off of and it really helps me schedule out content without having to really think too much!

Just Jess Photography

Wedding Photographer

Easy as 1, 2, 3…

1) Select the package that best suits your time-saving needs ✅

2) Enter your email address after payment ✅

3) We’ll send over next month’s calendar immediately ✅

You’ll receive each calendar 15 days before the beginning of the month for the duration of your package.


1 Month: $39

Try it on for size and see how much time and energy you save this month.

Daily breakdown: $1.30

3 Months: $99

$117 *$18 saving*

Breathe easy for the next quarter – we’ve got you covered for any and all social inspo.

Daily breakdown: $1.10

6 Months: $159

$234 *$75 saving*

Hello, free time. Goodbye, any social content planning stresses for half a year.

Daily breakdown: $0.87

12 Months: $199

$468 *$269 saving*

Con-fricking-gratulations! You’re all set for social inspo for A WHOLE DAMN YEAR!

Daily breakdown: $0.55


Start saving time this very moment!


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All of your social posts…


…done in a fraction of the time 🫴

In the wedding photography industry, maintaining a regular creative social presence is crucial.

It’s also a MASSIVE time-suck.

Our social team has put together a comprehensive ‘Done For You’ social calendar that will slash the time you spend planning & posting social content to a teensy, waaaay more manageable amount.

The only question left is…what are you going to do with all that spare time?!*

A few suggestions: Create a lead magnet to grow your email list / Finally start that black & white film passion project you’ve been putting off for years / tinker with your pre-sets to optimise your client experience / frolic in nearby woods / master a TikTok dance, go viral and buy an island with the sponsorship deal.

Ready? Let’s make your job that little bit easier…

1 Month: $39

Daily cost breakdown: $1.30

3 Months: $99

$117 *$18 saving*

Daily cost breakdown: $1.10

6 Months: $159

$234 *$75 saving*

Daily cost breakdown: $0.87

12 Months: $199

$468 *$269 saving*

Daily cost breakdown: $0.55


Hit the Button and add hours of free time to your calendar!

🙌 🙌 🙌

Pepperstorm Social

We’ve worked in social media management for 8+ years and specialised in the photography industry since 2019, so we know what it takes to run and scale successful accounts…

…and also how hard it is to find the energy to post interesting and original content every day, ESPECIALLY if it isn’t your full-time gig!

These Content Planners are designed to free up your time so that you can focus on GROWING YOUR BUSINESS 🚀🚀🚀

If you’d like to learn about our Social Management services that allow you to outsource some, most or all of your social to friendly experts then just check out our Social page and then say hi so we can tailor the best service for your brand.

Social Media Management
I just love working with Pepperstorm. Trying to be consistent with posting on Instagram has always been a tough one for me. I’m either stuck into a busy season of work and I just don’t have the time or I’m on my winter break and I honestly can’t get motivated to get on top of it. The best thing for me personally is that it freed up time for me to really be able to switch off over winter but without sacrificing my presence online. It’s something I’ve probably needed to do for years!
Jodie Clifford

Merge Wedding Photography

It’s been a pleasure working with Pepperstorm. Always on point, polite and attending to every detail. Would recommend to anyone looking for a go-to social media plan!
Mike Richards

Richard Branson's Necker Island

Pepperstorm is one of the most professional and friendly companies I’ve ever worked with. They deliver such great content and I am beyond satisfied with the results. They are an absolute dream to work with and I will definitely be coming back as a returned customer for years to come!
Keri Tan

Wedding Photographer

Plenty more where that came from…

We’re stuffing our shelves with email templates, social content calendars and all sorts of goodies for our favourite industry 📸

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