Santorini Crew: What a KICKASS workshop 😊

Now let’s talk about how we can help you!

Michaella, Paige, Naomy, Karina, Lisa, Jenny, Caitlin, Claire, Anna, Laura & Caroline…

Thank you SO MUCH for letting me tell you all about the massive benefits of SEO & Blogging for photographers!

I love sharing the knowledge that I’ve gained over 5+ years of working in the photography industry with ambitious creatives just like you.

I hope that the info & resources in your Pepper Packs helps you to create your own blogs!

Next Steps?

I know that some (or all?!) of you will want to get started ASAP with some professionally-written content…

…that’s why we’ve put together a personalised package just for the Santorini crew!

Do you fancy getting your hands on:

✍️ A set of professionally-written blog articles that provide valuable information for your audience AND supercharge your SEO 

🙌 All edited, uploaded and SEO-d by our team so you are hands-free

⌚ With each blog completed within 10 days

🚀 AND a 60-minute consultation with an SEO expert who will create a tailored 12-month SEO Strategy Calendar so you can soar above competitors in search engines

💸 All with a bangin’ $692 discount

Yes? Just keep reading!

Hey guys! 👋

We have a feeling that:

You know you need to work on your blog & SEO but have neither the time nor the inclination 🌧️

You get exhausted coming up with blogging inspiration day in, day out ⛅️

You'd love some one-on-one SEO tutoring, a clearly laid-out calendar AND a trove of professionally-written blog content so you can feel more in control of your website's visibility ☀️

That’s because we hear these complaints & requests from our photography clients.

Every. Single. Day.

And that’s also why we specialise in:

Photographers' SEO Blogging: Done For You

So if you’d like to leave the heavy lifting of title inspiration, keyword research & blog copywriting that all create passive lead generation and sales to your website while ranking higher on search engines…

Here’s how we can make that a reality for you.

(And be sure to check below to see our laundry list of delighted clients!)

Ya ready? 👀

Your SEO-Charged Blog Package

*incl. a $692 saving 🙌 (Thank You, Steph!)

Ready to Free Up Your Calendar AND Headspace For More Important (& More Fun) Stuff?

💎 Starter Blog Package 💎

✨ $1350 ✨

* If you’d like us to tailor a different set of word counts, just ask!

Set your blog up for success with this comprehensive range of articles!

Establish yourself as an authority on your key location and offer guidance on the typical questions that couples need to know.

– 2 x How-To Articles (750 words)

– 3 x Listicles (1500 words)

– 1 x Location (2000 words)

* Social Captions included with each blog

* Editing, Uploading, SEO-ing taken care of by our team.

Hands-free, you’re sorted.

💎 SEO Planning Session 💎

$395 FREE ✨

Let’s keep that website climbing!!

A 60-minute planning call with our SEO specialist who will show you how to set up your content & keyword strategy for the year ahead, as well as…

…a tailored content calendar, title & topic generation, SEO resources & How-To Guides

…so you know exactly how to SUPERCHARGE your online visibility.

💎 3 Months Social Calendar Service 💎

$99 FREE ✨

All of your social posts … done in a fraction of the time 🫴

📅  Month-by-month content planning, focusing on promoting your photography business and engaging with your audience

📸  A selection of curated images for Grid Inspo that will save tons of time when planning your calendar

✍️  A range of potential captions that you can copy, paste and edit in your brand tone

…and loads more!

You’ll get three months for free!


💎 SEO Resources Guide For Photographers 💎

$99 FREE ✨

This is the only guide you need to keep boosting your photography site’s SEO all on your own!

🛠️  21 Online Tools & Resources with a detailed description, price (most are free), who it will be ‘Best For’ and a link to download/sign up – including…

🔑  Keyword Research – Discover the search terms that your audience use to find you…and then GAME IT!

💡  Idea Generators – Understand what topics to cover on your blog so that you can tailor your articles to best suit your ideal audience…

…and a ton more!

💎 Sales Page Guide & Checklist For Photographers 💎

$99 FREE ✨

Everything you need to supercharge your Sales Page!

✅  14-Point Checklist based on industry expertise specifically tailored to the photography industry.

🪄 Tips & tricks to make your copy SING LOUDER and your  l a y o u t  draw the readers’ 👀s.

🚀 Learn how to leverage booking incentives, testimonials and pricing packages in order to supercharge sales…

…and much, much more!

(Value = $2042) Your Price: $1350 🥰

Ready to flip your SEO from overwhelming to overachieving? Start by hitting this button 👇

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I’m sold! But I’d also like you to rewrite my website copy?

We'll Bake This Offer Into ANY Website Copywriting Package

If you’d like to make your website copy outshine your competitors with our Website Copywriting services, we’ll include all of the above (SEO Planning Session, Social Calendar, Resources)…

…oh yeah, AND we’ll throw in a free Branding Session (value $395) 😉

What Can You Expect When You Work With Pepperstorm?

  1. Full pricing transparency AND package flexibility to suit your individual needs – what you see is what you get!
2. An adaptive workflow that suits you and fits cleanly into your calendar  
3. Unrivalled aftercare that guarantees you get the utmost value out of our partnership for years to come  

You’ll Be A Great Fit For Our Services If…

1. You have an business worth yelling about from the rooftops (because we have to believe in your thing as much as you!)

2. You’re excited at the idea of bringing you brand to life with real personality

3. You’re ready to step away from constant social promotion & paid ads and start letting your ideal future customers come to you

Why Our Clients Keep Coming Back 🫶

“The fabulous team at Pepperstom put together a lovely set of listicles for my blog. The process was simple and straightforward and all that was required of me was to provide a few dot points of information that I would like to get across. The results have been really positive and it’s great to see some first page results for listicles that Pepperstorm have generated. Thanks so much guys, looking forward to getting my next batch done shortly!”

Kieran Smith

Wedding Photographer, Rexvil Photography

“Giving Pepperstorm this 5 star review will be the easiest task I do today… because wow! What can I say, but THANK YOU!
Nicole has been beautiful to converse with and the communication has been awesome. So much so, that there would always be a wee spring in my step every morning when I woke up because I knew there would be an exciting email from her (time difference thangs).

Nicole and her team absolutely nailed the brief — my style is quite niched so I wanted to be sure they understood that too, which they absolutely did.

Since Pepperstorm finished finessing my website, I embarrassingly admit I have “ooooh” and “aaahhh”ed over it more than 100 times—lol!!! I am so damn proud of my new and improved website and that is all thanks to the Pepperstorm team, THANK YOU!!! Eilish bloody loves you xxx”

Eilish Burt

Wedding Photographer, Eilish Burt Photography

“I worked with Pepperstorm twice and it was THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!

The first time they did the SEO Audit on my website. Yes, it was pricey comparing to the first one I had made on my website (I had a bad experience with that one) but the work with Dave and his team was AMAZING and worth every penny I spent!!! I got my SEO audit done after two weeks, I was informed about every step and got a report after that.

A year after I asked Dave’s team to do rebranding, writing new copy, another SEO Audit (only what was necessary as the SEO audit from the previous time is working perfectly sending my website to the first pages of Google search). And I am amazed again! I knew what are the steps, what will be done next, all steps were discussed with me and I love the final product!

Bernadeta Kupiec

Wedding Photographer, Bernadeta Kupiec Photography

Wondering How The Process Goes?

Each blog will be ready for your feedback/approval within 10 days of you signing off our Article Template.

First part: saying hello 👋

First a friendly email from Nicole (hey!). We’ll grab some info about where you’re at and where you want to be (so we know what you need to get there).

Once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll shoot over an invoice and payment link to lock it in and set up a chat ASAP (no waiting around!) to map out the project and get a feel for your voice and business goals.

Next part: getting prepped 🗺️

Nicole will set up the SEO Planning Session  with all of the awesomeness mentioned above.

Next, she’ll whip up a Keyword Doc packed with the perfect keywords for your SEO strategy (made from our chat and pro insights).

We’ll create Article Templates for each blog and send them to you for your feedback and input (we want to make them sound exactly like you, so you can highlight any insider tips or personal anecdotes that you want us to mention!). 

Last part: Down to bizness 💪

Our editorial team will crack on with the copywriting!

We’ll have each blog ready for your approval within 10 days.

We ask for everything to be mentioned in the Article Template, so it should be an easy greenlight from you – then we’ll upload it to your site and SEO the heck out of it before handing over to you to add your beautiful images and hit ‘Publish’!

And finally, once we’ve finished your articles we’ll offer expert tips to keep your site in prime condition going forward – and then we’ll wait patiently by the phone until you’re ready for your next batch!

How Our Blogs Wowed Brendan

In the middle of 2022 I was encouraged by my business coach to write a blog a week for 52 weeks! We knew it would do amazing things for my local SEO and was going to shape my long term marketing strategy. I was so excited and motivated I got planning straight away. Then I realised…. Boy do I find writing challenging. I would sit at my computer for hours just thinking…. Write a sentence…. Delete it….. think again. I hated it! My work was piling up AND I wasn’t getting any closer to my goal.

That’s when I reached out to David from Pepperstorm and I told them my plan. Not only did they jump at the chance, they came back to me with a structured idea which included cornerstone blog posts, long form content and shorter form content.
All of which they said would work so well together.
Well, within months of starting I have a top ranking blog post for my area that gets over 500 organic views per month and what seems like every day my blog posts are ranking higher and higher. I now receive over 1000 website views a month and have built a lead generation workflow off of it.
Oh yeah.. Did I mention that I’m probably only half way through too?
Cheers to the legends at Pepperstorm for helping me out with this so much. I’ve been able to transition away from constant social media posts for lead generation and move towards a longer term google led strategy because of them.”
Cheers ✌🏼
Brendan Creaser

Wedding Photographer, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

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