Ad Strategy & Management

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google is a surefire way to get hits to your website, which will translate to hot leads that you can then convert into customers.

However…as a business owner, do you really have the time or experience to run the type of granular campaign that gets you the best results?!

Our Google & Meta ad experts will create online ad campaigns that target your ideal audience and generate quality leads at a competitive Cost Per Click.

All while you focus on growing your business.

Google & Meta ad management

What’s Do I Get?

Our monthly package includes:
Social media image
Social media image

Kick-off Call

We’ll hop on a call to learn about your business and discuss campaign objectives, target markets, locations & advertising budget.

Account Manager

You’ll have your own dedicated Account Manager to communicate with throughout the month.

Weekly Campaign Monitoring

This includes ad targeting optimisation & maintenance to ensure the lowest Cost Per Click possible.

Ad Copywriting

Our copywriting team will create headlines, descriptions, calls-to-action and video scripts in your brand voice.

Landing Page Review

Our UX specialist will review your landing pages and offer feedback on how to optimise them for higher conversion.

Image & Video Consultation

We’ll recommend which of your branded images and/or videos to use (or source copyright-free images).

A/B Testing*

We’ll test different variations of taglines, headlines and descriptions to deliver the lowest Cost Per Conversion.


These scale across several different ads with Advanced & Premium packages.


We’ll run retargeting ads that focus on customers who already interacted with your brand.

Meta Pixel Set-Up

We’ll help you to generate and install this essential lead-tracking pixel on your site.

How-To Guidance

We’ll share easy-to-follow instructions on how to set up your Google Ads and/or Meta Business Manager account.

Monthly Reporting

We’ll include an analytical report on how your ads are performing each month.


How Much Ad Budget Do I Need?

The ad budget will be linked to your debit/credit card so you can scale up to any amount you like.

The more you spend, the more results you’ll see (and the quicker they’ll arrive); however, it’s important to keep your own budgeting in mind, so we’ve included some recommended minimums and preferable starting rates.

Insta / Facebook Ads
A minimum of $20 USD per week, preferably starting at $150 USD per month.
Google Ads
A minimum of $35 USD per week, preferably starting at $275 USD per month.

Our Management Fee

We take care of everything from set-up, ongoing maintenance and optimisation to UX advice and copywriting. You just sit back and collect the results.

Contract length: We recommend a minimum of 3 months in order to see the best results. We’ll start with a brand awareness campaign before pushing your landing page so that you get the maximum amount of leads and enquiries.

Starter - $500 USD p/m ($650 USD - First Month Set-Up)
This includes all elements of the Ad Service with: 


  • 1 Campaign / Ad
Advanced - $600 USD p/m ($750 USD - First Month Set-Up)
All elements of the Ad Service with:


  • 3 Campaign / 3 Ad Variations
  • Extended Options for A/B campaigns
  • Extended Options for Retargeting
Premium - $700 USD p/m ($850 USD - First Month Set-Up)
All elements of the Ad Service with:


  • 6 Campaign / 6 Ad Variations
  • Extended Options for A/B campaigns
  • Extended Options for Retargeting

Getting leads is the first step…
…then you gotta convert them.


Your landing page is the final destination of your funnel, where your leads will convert into potential customers…or click away. Pro Tip: Don’t let them click away.

If you’re selling a specific service or product, you need a dedicated landing page that gives your clients all of the relevant information and incentivises them to get int ouch or make a purchase.

Google actually rewards websites that have a good ‘quality score’ meaning that you can see better results than your competitors even if you’re spending less on your ad budget. This quality score depends on a clean, efficient and optimised landing page and website.

Leave it to us

Our team will create a detailed landing page tailored around your specific service/offer full of SEO-charged converting copy that is designed to turn your leads into clients.

Price: This will be tailored to your specific requirements regarding your service/product.

* Average price for 2000-word landing page including content optimisation: $750 USD

landing page copywriting

Not our words...