Landing Page Copywriting

Weeks of planning. Hours of effort. A fair bit of cold hard cash. All to persuade potential clients to travel through your sales funnel and reach the final stage…now it’s crunch time.

This is where your leads will turn into customers – or turn away and hire someone else.

Let’s make sure they make the right choice.

Landing page copywriting - how to convert more leads into clients
Landing page copywriting service

What makes a good KICKASS landing page?

Persuasive Copy - Sales-driven sentences aimed at getting your clients over the finish line.

Engaging Flow - An easy-to-follow layout and content journey that educates, informs and convinces the reader.

SEO - A targeted keyword strategy that attracts passive leads from Google.

Brand Consistency - A smooth user journey from your newsletter, socials posts or ads to your landing page.

Complete Content - Everything your reader needs to know presented there on the page (don't give them a reason to click away).

Calls-To-Action - Your offer/service/product presented in a clear and engaging style.

What’s Included?


Here’s What’s Inside Our Landing Page Copywriting Package

We’ll do a deep dive on your brand to truly understand your personality, services and goals and learn how best to convey this to your ideal target audience. 

This approach means that we know how to craft the exact type of copy that will get you the results you need.

Cocky? More like reeeeeally confident. And to underline this point, we’ll borrow the immortal words of Kid Rock: “It isn’t bragging, motherf*cker, if you back it up.”

We can share case studies, results and links to godawful 00s country-rap songs next steps to get the party started 🥳


We’ll create a custom quote based on your specific requirements – we’d love to tailor a package, so say hi today!

* Starting at $1495 USD


Converting Copy

Our copywriting team will create persuasive and sales-focused copy that inspires your audience to click ‘Buy’.


We’ll learn your brand voice and adapt it to be more sales-driven (without being too pushy!).


You’ll get your own Project Manager who will relay between you and the editorial team and will share the draft copy Google Docs so you can greenlight all content before it goes live.

Business Goals

We’ll discuss your aims with this launch and do a deep dive on the service or product that you’re offering so that we can tailor the copy in the most detailed and persuasive way possible. 

UX Flow & Content Optimisation

Our UX specialist will offer on-page optimisation tips including layout, word count and text box placement to ensure that the user journey of your landing page is firing on all cylinders.


We’ll discuss which areas, locations, services, etc. that you want to target and make sure we have plenty of long-tail keywords on these subjects.


We will complete all of the back-end SEO, including meta descriptions, keywords, tags, categories, internal and external links, etc. to increase the chances of your landing page climbing the search engine rankings.


Our editorial team will upload all of the copy to your site (once you’ve signed off on the final proof) so that you’re completely hands-free.

Ad Strategy & Management

Outsource Ad Management To Specialists

OK, so you’ve got a super-sticky landing page that is going to boost your sales into the stratosphere – now you need visitors.

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google is a surefire way to get hits to your website, which will translate to hot leads that you can then convert into customers.

However…as a business owner, do you really have the time or experience to run the type of granular campaign that gets you the best results?! Our Google & Meta ad experts will create online ad campaigns that target your ideal audience and generate quality leads at a competitive Cost Per Click.

All while you focus on growing your business.

Case Study

 Rooted Photo & Film Co.

Ethan Lewis is a leading photographer in Kentucky who documents adventurous weddings and elopements for boldly in love couples all around the states with his company Rooted Photo & Film Co.

We’ve worked together on a Website Copywriting & SEO Audit service as well as a Blog Package, so when he wanted a Landing Page copywriting service for his new Colorado elopement photography page he came straight to Pepperstorm.

We discussed his goals for the project, re-familiarised ourselves with his brand and did a deep dive into all of the details about his new service.

He wanted a dynamic, comprehensive landing page that covered everything his reader could want to know about his offer.

He also wanted to build on his existing keyword strategy and make sure that the page was fully optimised to generate passive leads through organic online searches AND be set up for a paid Google Ad campaign.

Ethan Lewis - Kentucky Elopement Videographer & Photographer

Here’s a step-by-step process on how we created Rooted Photo & Film Co.’s Colorado Elopement Photographer Landing Page.

Page Flow

We begin with a client-focused section that directly addresses Ethan’s ideal audience and uses short, declarative sentences to capture their attention.👇

Landing Page Copywriting Service - Ethan Lewis - Introduction paragraph

Once we’ve engaged the reader enough to continue scrolling, it’s time to introduce Ethan and explain why he is the perfect photographer for their elopement. We use the example of his own elopement to establish an instant personal connection.👇

Landing Page Copywriting Service - Ethan Lewis - Bio

Then it’s time for some social proof – past clients of Ethan’s who sing his praises and urge other couples to book him for their own elopement.👇

Landing Page Copywriting Service - Ethan Lewis - Client Testimonial

We reinforce Ethan’s credentials as a conscientious and talented photographer who will be on hand to help his couples every step of the way.👇

Landing Page Copywriting Service - Ethan Lewis - Services

We double down on the confidence in Ethan’s service with a dynamic headline that sets the readers’ expectations high and then surpasses them with an ‘out of nowhere’ offer that gives the package a massive boost in value. 👇 👉 ☝️

Landing Page Copywriting Service - Ethan Lewis - Bonus Service

Now it’s time for the pricing. We set out the information in a clear, easy-to-understand format with copy that points readers towards the best value package but also reassures them that the others will definitely suit their needs.👇

Landing Page Copywriting Service - Ethan Lewis - Pricing Breakdown

The next call-to-action talks the reader through the next steps required in order for them to purchase a package, essentially guiding them through the process and setting expectations for when they will hear from him. 👇

Landing Page Copywriting Service - Ethan Lewis - Hype paragraph

Once we’ve locked in the readers’ interest in this service, we go into more detail with longer, more explanatory-style sentences in the FAQs that also allow us to place more keywords on the page.👇

Landing Page Copywriting Service - Ethan Lewis - FAQs

For our final call-to-action, we address the reader again in a very clear and direct format, reinforcing how excited Ethan is for this project. We’re amping them up to fill out the contact form below and throw in some more heartfelt copy along with a reminder of his process (they’ll receive a text within 24 hours to set up a Zoom date).👇

Landing Page Copywriting Service - Ethan Lewis - Call To Action

The final section is a simple contact form that asks for the basic information Ethan will need to tailor a response. The landing page has prepared the reader who will not only be happy but excited to get in touch with Ethan and discuss next steps.




Wedding photographer landing page example
Ethan Lewis - Colorado Elopement photographer organic search result


The page went live in March 2023 and it’s already increased his conversion rate to nearly 100% as well as climbing the ranks of Google:


90-100% Of New Enquiries Are Signing Up After They Go Through His Site's Sales Funnel & Landing Page

He's been able to tailor a successful Google Ad campaign around the landing page

The Landing Page Is Ranking In The Top 20 Organic Search Results For 'Colorado Elopement Photographer'

More And More Couples Are Finding Him Organically Through Google Every Month

Organic Leads Means That He's Able To Move Away From Constant Social Media Promotion

Ethan Lewis - Colorado Elopement photographer sponsored Google ad campaign

Working with Pepperstorm truly changed the game! As I was establishing my wedding and elopement photography business, I knew that having a website that resonates with my ICA, positions me in the high-end market, and was organically driving a LOT of traffic was key. However, I’m an awful writer, knew nothing about SEO, and easily found myself overwhelmed when I tried to tackle the problem myself. Then I found Pepperstorm!

I now have rich and engaging copy throughout my entire website that instantly connects with my dream clients and accurately conveys what I’ve been trying to say all along. They helped me create a brand message and tone of voice, which has been a great starting point for when I need to write copy myself. Nearly 90% (if not 100%) of my new inquiries are begging to book after they go through my site and inquire.

More and more couples each month are finding me organically through Google, and to top it all off, David and the team took the guesswork out of all of it. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, serve the shit out of your clients, and boost your level of ready-to-buy leads, Pepperstorm is a must!

Ethan Lewis

Elopement Photographer & Videographer, Rooted Photo & Film Co.

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