SEO Check

Search engine ranking is hard to gain and easy to lose.

Content writing

Switched site platforms and want to know that you did it correctly? 

Our SEO experts will confirm that:

All of the copy was uploaded correctly

All of the SEO elements (keywords, meta descriptions, titles, etc.) are in place

Any necessary redirects are implemented

We’ve got you.

SEO Check Package

Search Engine Optimisation is the lifeblood of passive leads and online visibility…

…it can also take a while to attain decent results, so once you’ve got it you’ll want to hang on to it with both hands!

Switching platforms can negatively affect SEO if it isn’t done properly, which is why our SEO Check service is perfect for those who want the reassurance that you’ve crossed all your ‘t’s and dotted your…. lower-case ‘j’s.

Website Copywriting and SEO

What’s Included?

Our SEO team will ensure that all of the necessary copy and keyword transfers have been transferred correctly as well as setting up any necessary redirects to avoid those dreaded 404 page.

We’ll also provide easy-to-follow Explainer Docs that show you how to set up everything Google needs in order to provide you with detailed analysis of your website traffic and send over a comprehensive audit report with tips & advice on how to keep your site healthy moving forward.


Copy Transfer

Our editorial team will check all of the copy across your new site and ensure that your current keywords are intact.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the preview text that your readers will see when they search for your site on Google. We’ll check that they’re SEO-charged and enticingly click-worthy.

SEO Title Tags

This is what people see first when they search for your site on Google. We’ll make sure that each SEO Title reflects your brand’s core message.

Heading Check

We’ll make sure that you have the correct H2 Headings on your site pages.

Internal links

Website navigability is crucial to UX & SEO, so we’ll check that there are plenty of internal links throughout your site.


We’ll let you know if you need to set up redirects from your old site to your new one to avoid 404 pages.

Your entire site will be swept for broken links, which we’ll either fix or remove. We’ll highlight any that you may want to update, e.g. links that lead to an expired recommendation site.
We’ll check every webpage on your site to make sure it’s mobile-friendly. If we find one that isn’t, we’ll give you clear and easy directions on how to fix it.
Having an SSL-certified site is vital in gaining visitors’ trust. We’ll make sure that you have the ‘padlock’ next to your site’s URL or show you how to set it up for free.
Telling you everything we’ve done and tips and advice on how to keep your site healthy moving forward.

Explainer Docs

Set Up A Google Business Listing
We’ll provide easy-to-follow instructions to help you list your business address clearly and prominently on Google.
Set Up Google Analytics
We’ll provide easy-to-follow instructions to help you set up Google Analytics.
Set Up Google Search Console
We’ll provide easy-to-follow instructions to help you set up Google Search Console.
How To Add XML Sitemap
We’ll provide easy-to-follow instructions to help you add your XML Sitemap to Google to expedite the ranking process.


We can also transfer all of your blogs across with targeted redirects and update the URLs to make them more SEO-friendly (if necessary).
Domain Transfer
Domain transfers can be a headache – if you’re also switching domains, our team can take care of the whole process for you.
IMAGE Optimisation
Optimising the alt text, file name and description of every image on your site is a fantastic way to enhance your SEO – it’s also reeeeally time-consuming. We’ll take care of that for you 🙌

Have a look at our Image Optimisation service for more info and example pricing.

Landing Page

A Landing Page is where your leads will turn into customers – or turn away and hire someone else. Let’s make them stick around 😊

Check out our Landing Page service with Case Study to see how our UX & copywriting experts can help boost your conversion rate.


Starts from $295 USD for a regular 4-page site, increasing with additional pages, blogs, a domain transfer service, etc.

Additional Services

Supercharge your SEO and conversion rate with our Keyword Strategy, Website Copywriting and Blog Writing services that are designed to show Google that your site is worth prioritising.

We’ll also give your existing blog content an overhaul and take care of your Social Media Management as well as your Google / Meta Ad Strategy.

Outsource to friendly experts and focus on running and growing your business 🙌

Keyword Strategy, Competitor Analysis & SEO Implementation
We’ll assess your target market and conduct research using competitor analysis tools to identify the best long-tail keywords for your website. Once this is complete, we’ll lightly proofread and lightly edit your copy for grammar and flow, while naturally weaving SEO-targeted keywords into each page of your site.

Who’s it for?

You’re happy with your existing copy and brand tone but want to improve (or establish) the best keyword strategy for attracting your ideal audience.

Say hi and we’ll set up a chat to discuss the best keyword strategy for your business!

Website Copywriting
We’ll work closely with you to establish your ideal brand voice and create SEO-charged website copy that truly represents your business and your brand personality.

Who’s it for?

You’re looking to improve or completely rework your current copy (or you’re starting from scratch) so that it sounds more like you and has a higher chance of converting visitors into leads.

Learn more about our Website Copywriting service.

Blog Writing
We’ll create, edit, upload and schedule engaging and entertaining blogs written in your brand voice, enhancing your SEO while delivering valuable content for your audience.

Who’s it for?

You want to continually boost your SEO by placing targeted keywords on your blog as well as creating useful and informative posts that your audience can engage with on your site, social media and newsletters.

Learn more about our Blog Management and Rolling Monthly packages.

Landing Page Copywriting
A Landing Page is where your leads will turn into customers – or turn away and hire someone else. Our editorial team will craft persuasive and engaging copy combined with tailored UX page optimisation to make sure they make the right choice.

Who’s it for?

You want to convert website visitors into potential clients who either get in touch, download an online resource/lead magnet or make a purchase. This is the last stage of your sales funnel and so you understand that it is the most important part to get right.

Check out our Landing Page service with Case Study to see how our experts can help boost your conversion rate.

Content Refresh
Our editorial & SEO experts will breathe new life into your existing content and make sure that they are fully optimised to grab Google’s attention.

Who’s it for?

Is your site full of blog articles that aren’t working hard as they should be in terms of search engine rankings and engaging your audience?

Take a peek at our Content Refresh service and let our team make the most out of your old blogs.

Social Management
Our social media team will run and grow your social accounts so your business can have that important social presence without you and your team having to spend hours a day maintaining it.

Who’s it for?

You want to focus on running and growing your business without spending hours every day on manual tasks of content creation, posting, liking and commenting.

Take a look at our range of Social Media Management services and then drop us a line to get a bespoke quote.

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